WPRA to Reinstate Random Drug-Testing Policy in 2013

The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s board of directors has decided to reinstate a random drug-testing policy beginning in 2013.

The rules will be in the 2013 rule book and drug testing will begin then. WPRA president Jimmie Monroe writes in her president’s update that many members have requested a drug-testing policy, and that rodeo is one of the only disciplines that does not conduct some type of testing.

“We want to have our own drug testing policy in place in case an outside source would want to come in and test at a rodeo or barrel race.  Having our own policy in place would prevent us from being subject to other rules.   We are also doing this to educate our members about drugs and for the safety of the horses.” – Jimmie Monroe 

What do you all think of drug testing in ProRodeo?


11 thoughts on “WPRA to Reinstate Random Drug-Testing Policy in 2013

  1. It’s hard to beat a jacked up horse! When you walk thru a barn after a show and can see enough syringes to make you think some junkies were hanging out all weekend, it’s a sad situation! Is it really worth it? A horse can’t take it and it will shorten their life! AQHA has always had the policy and I wish NBHA and IBRA would also start testing with consequences like banned membership. This would make it an honest and fair race. In the end druggers may win 1000 a show but those who abuse their horse will end up needing to buy another sooner than they think. Is the fame and glory worth it? I’m sorry I’ll take my honest 2D 1st place win over a jacked up only horse in 1D so drugged I can’t set on my horse till time to go down the chute, you know who you are…

    • Before we applaud the WPRA , we need to see if there have been ANY random testing done in 2013! Some how I doubt it! It’s more of a smoke screen to keep outsiders from looking in. That’s why random testing is a farce! Testing should be mandatory if a person wins anything. JustSayin!!!!

  2. I would want more details. Are there going to be “legal” drugs, such as lasix, or bute? What are you checking for? Will there be those that are able to get vet scripts/letters that state a horse is on steroids for some condition, etc. I don’t like seeing drugs being abused, but I need more information. I would also want to know at whose expense this will be. I highly doubt the WPRA is going to cover it.

  3. My problem is random testing!Test ALL horses that win $$$ at an approved WPRA event! Only way to stop the use of drugs to enhance performance!

  4. I to think any horse that pulls a check at a race should be tested. It would stop alot of abuse and make the playing ground a little more even. It is getting so bad that some girls at our NBHA shows are even bragging about injecting and exchange milkshake recipes. So sad! I don’t understand how cheating to winning can be rewarding to these people.

  5. I agree with all the comments. Nbha needs to drug test, they are allowing horse abuse at every show they have. I am so glad that WPRA is taking a stand on this issue. It is a sad day when the winner of a barrel race is determined by who has the best drugs. I look forward to the day NBHA adopts the same policy aand starts drug testing.

  6. Way to go WPRA!!!!! I applaud this decision in every way!!! Now, if only you could influence the NBHA and IBHA associations to follow suit!! I have been a horse trainer for almost 30 years and have been competing in many A-rated shows all my life. My experience comes from showing hunter/jumpers, western pleasure, dressage, eventing, driving, and now barrel racing. I recently attended the NBHA Yourh World Championships in Perry, Georgia to school a student and her horse. I was appalled to actually witness trainers and parents drugging horses before they had to go run!! Most were not even hiding the fact that they were doing this!! I was even more dumbfounded to find out that there was no random drug testing going on at all!! How can it be that a Nationally recognized show has no drug testing in place? Shame on the trainers, parents, and the NBHA for teaching kids that it’s ok to drug horses in order to win!!! It’s horrible for the horses’ health and it’s cheating in the worst form!!!! All other rated equestrian competitions have random drug testing rules in place. All of theses competitions have a drug testing fee on their entry forms to cover the costs, so don’t give me the lame excuse of it costing too much to implement. Now, I know it’s not possible to catch everyone who is guilty, but testing the top ten competitors horses will not only make the competitions more fair for those of us who don’t drug their horses, but it will begin to deter others from doing this, especially if you fine theses people and revoke their memberships. A huge fine and a banned membership will definitely make trainers and others who depend on these horses, riders, and competitions for their livelihood. The most effective way to stop this madness is to hit these people hard in their pockets and threaten their careers in this discipline!! As long as this problem goes unchecked it will only get worse!!! Money and greed will continue to win out over sound training and honesty!!

  7. I commented on this in Aug. of 2012. I still have a problem with random testing! Any competitor that wins money or prizes, should be required to have their horses tested! I think this should be done not only in the WPRA, but ALL barrel racing organations! I think ALL contestants would be more than happy to pay a testing fee, that is unless they had something to hide! Oh by the way has there been ANY random testing in 2013? I rest my case!

  8. Itss liuke yyou read mmy mind! You seem too know so mufh about this,
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