Team DO3 and Jackie Harris: Part 2

Jackie Harris and Team DO3 filmed a segment appearing on (Central PA Live) today, and here’s part two of our interview!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

With Dreaming of Three, I would have to say it was Sis getting hurt that first run. I was devastated! I cried for about two days, with boohoos of “what am I going to do now” to my husband. I had sponsors. I had three crosses filled with names of loved ones fighting, lost fight or won fight to cancer or heart disease that were needing honored as I entered the arena trying to raise money to fight those diseases. I made a website and blog for the families to follow my season! What were they going to follow now? Me pouting about a horse that couldn’t run? Me hiding my head in shame that I failed? I tossed around for those several days..whose horse could I borrow? Lease? Then that is when I thought, how in the world would I win money on a new horse I’ve never sat on? I’m not that type of rider that can get on anything and make it look good. I have trust issues! Takes me a while to trust a horse to really push it hard and shutting off the clock! (I’ve owned Sis for 9 years! That should tell ya about my trust issues, being she has just hit the first division within the last 2 years!). So that is when I thought to ask a friend to just ride their own horse and ask if they would be willing to donate some of their winnings to cover me while Sis healed. Beth Penland and Jeanie Bowersock didn’t hesitate to say “yes!” when I asked for their help. Then, it snowballed from there when I thought, why not open it up to everybody who wishes to “race for a cure”! Born was TEAM DO3! 

What are some of the benefits for people who join Team DO3?

Well, first and foremost the very cool Team DO3 jersey that comes with joining-free! (which isn’t any surprise is black n gold! Just my way of outfitting everybody in Steeler colors across the U.S…even the Browns fans! I suppose if we grow large enough, each State will have their own Team/State colors.)

At the moment the discounts are on 5 Star pads, Silversport products, Star of The West custom hats, Cowgirlz Flair saddle crosses, David Fries services, Horsehair Bracelets by Candace, Jessica Custom Creations, and of course with Lubrisyn as one of my sponsors a Lubrisyn discount on your first order!! I plan on continuously adding to this list. So the benefits will grow!

Connie Combs will be working with Dreaming of Three as well. So once I iron out all the details with her, there may be some other benefits with her role. Next Spring (have to find a good date) we are planning to put on a clinic with Connie where Team members get first choice of participating. Some of the proceeds from this clinic (to be held in Ohio-hopefully as we grow we will have them in other states as well) will also go to the charities. 

I have discussed with Karrin at Forever Safe Farms about putting on a benefit barrel race next year once we find a good date. Whereas the money raised will be split between Forever Safe and Dreaming of Three “Rodeo Kids” program. I plan on having an added money class that is for Team members only to compete. Again, hopefully as we grow, there will be more of these “member exclusive” barrel races. (and hopefully as we grow-exclusive team pennings, reining, ropings, and the list goes on and on! However, I only have one roper on my Team now-poor Larry needs some manly company! Sean will be joining too soon! Once he gets his first set of barrels ran! (loped or trotted) Still trying to acquire other disciplines). 

Also, in my mind, a very huge benefit is the pride you feel being a part of something that is helping others in need–to help try to find a cure and to conquer cancer, heart disease, animal cruelty. We all know how very fortunate each and every one of us are to have these animals to compete on or to just ride, trucks, trailers, money for entries-so to give back with a little bit of the money you receive when you do well is a very honorable thing and it makes one feel very good receiving those checks at the end of the day. Every member so far, could not wait to get their Team jersey and to wear it as they competed or just a part of their attire to let people know they are a part of it all. The Team members that walked in the Hookstown parade on Memorial Day, I could tell they all felt pride as we waved at the crowd with our Team jerseys on! (we also won Best Equestrian Team!) I feel the benefit of TEAM DO3 to the youth, including my own children who are members, is the lesson that is taught by giving back with your success in life. I, myself, have always admired those people that did so. It gives the youth a good foundation to live their life by with the standards that TEAM DO3 promotes. Everything Dreaming of Three is about helping others. For me, it’s not about profiting myself in any way from Dreaming of Three. All I want is more funds to take families to rodeos that are suffering from cancer or heart disease-to be able to give them more outings, etc. I want them to enjoy a night out without worry watching the best sport in the U.S., rodeo! Then, I want to raise as much money as possible to help all the charities. 


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