On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Circle G with Pigs and Tequila and Beer Hats

Hello in Colorado! Ms Chels – Well is has been crazy 2 months. We have not been to many barrel races with all that has been going on but the couple we have been to have been great.

In April we attended Darci Kilgore’s NBHA sanctioned show at Circle G. It was to say the least a great weekend. Friday night would bring a nice turn out but not what you would think for $250.00 added. It would however bring out Helen Chambers and Becky Johnston and their talents, not only in the horse arena but in the hat making, beer drinking dinner cooking arena as well. On a face book post Helen AKA Giddy Up stated she was headed to Circle G and Clea commented on her post to put on her beer drinking hat.

So as you can see she did just that.  Both Helen and Becky have been exercising and gearing up to run hard this year and make things happen,  Between the 2 of them they have lost 40 plus pounds!  Way to go ladies.  No we want you to realize that the pounds are not lost because they share their food- as least their chicken- Here’s a little story for you.  Clea and I brought no food – literally.  We were running late – nothing new- and of course we were headed to Circle G so you know as well as we do there is no food there. Earlier in the night we stopped over to visit the two ladies, we get there and they have the crock pot out with a chicken in it.  Now Helen would have you believing that she caught, killed, plucked and cooked the chicken.  It was stamped Giant Eagle Helen we know a rotisserie chicken when we see one.  WE chatted for a bit Helen would drop the F Bomb 10 times in 10 Min and who was parked by them THE PREACHER Eddie Gibson.  I am sure he was on over time for prayers this weekend.

After the classes were over  – it is late Helen and Becky are toasted and we thought well we will head over to their trailer thinking MAYBE JUST MAYBE they would have a little snack a roo.  Let us tell you.  Those two were cleaning up from dinner and the chicken was nowhere to be found.  We hinted “ How was that chicken” Helen said “it was delicious and we are having the rest of it tomorrow for lunch in our salad.” she finishes “ do you want some chips and cheese sauce?”  Of course we did because we were starving… We laughed the whole way back to the trailer and don’t you think for one minute we didn’t tease her the next day about that chicken.   Good times.

Saturday’s show would be a nice turn out. With more districts approved it would bring a slew of people running for the ol’ mighty points.   We would spend most of the day getting ready for the classes with our horses or sitting in the bleaches cheering on the teams running through the timers waiting for a chance to score some points and with a little luck and a fast smooth horse some money.   One team that had an interesting start was Laura Lambert.  As we wait for her to come in the arena we sit at the 1st barrel with our heads turned to the left looking out to the alley way area.  We see Ben doing his best to get Laura’s horse to the shoot to get pointed to the first.  As her horse decides to rare up and spin Ben would find himself struggling to get Laura to a good spot for her run.  Once again he would grab the reins and start toward the shoot and once again no go.  You would see them then you would not – On what would appear to be the final time Ben would start back to the shoot when BAM Ben is down… He lay there for what he said seemed like 20 mins and thought  “I’m done Where is my bike?” He jumps up grabs the horse and away they go this time into the shoot with a right turn Laura makes a hell of a run.  15.9 and the whole place cheers her on.  Great job Ben and Laura!

Lisa Cline and her 2 horses will be ones to watch this year and the coming years.  She has an awesome Jet Of Honor 4 Year old that she has working nicely.  Her little bay open horse is sure to be at the Best of the Best this year with the way that team is working.

We had a nice weekend we actually covered all our cost including fuel and had some money left over.  After my first run – I rode like a fat girl on her first pony ride – I got my sh$% together and came back in the open and ran a 16.0 and was sitting 5th but then Barbie’s 15.5 set me pretty for the 2nd Division.  Clea would draw a check for each run she ran.  Our 4 yr old is making us very happy and is paying for herself so that makes us feel good.  Channing – the idiot that jumped out , yes OUT the trailer window even pulled us a check.  You will not be seeing her at an barrel races any time soon.  IF you do she will be the one tied beside the trailer running beside it as we pull into the show.  One day I will write about that ordeal!  OMG is all we have to say about that.

The 06 riders were there and had a great showing.  Darci would run a great show – smooth and never a hiccup. 07 Riders turned out for their run at the money and points and Darci’s district would stay for the weekend to support the 03 Director.   Although it would have been nice for the weekend to be approved for all districts Darci had good numbers regardless.

We did get to meet Timmy Darci’s friend, who is a crack up.  He could be found behind her the entire weekend.  No matter where Darci was Timmy was sure to follow.  She seems to have no problem introducing him when he peeks out to say hi to everyone.  She is really fond on him, as a matter of fact if you watch Darci and Raymond run the drums Timmy will probably be peeking out on the run home from the 3rd barrel!  If you are every around let Darci know you would love to meet her little friend Timmy!

Gary and Judy Hess would be there for the weekend and have a good weekend with collecting checks though out the show.  Their daughters Kinz and Maddie are future superstars.  They are moving up in the pee wee classes and ready to take on youth.  We would enjoy the time we spent with them and talking about future ventures for the barrel racing world.  We would also enjoy their pet pig “Snowflake”  OMG thank goodness no one was selling them or we would have bought one for sure.  A tea cup pig with the personality better than most,  This picture says it all.  Thank you Hess’s for sharing your time with us this weekend. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The ground seemed a little different this weekend.  Not sure what it was not the norm though.  All in all there were some great runs, some ok ones, some fall down ones (no one was hurt) and some  not so good ones.  That is a full weekend of barrel racing.


The following weekend would find us at Gifford Illinois.  The Great Lakes NBHA Supershow.  As we sent in entries for a crew of 20 we were all excited to make the long trip to the covered arena that would proof to be a great place for Ohioan’s to do their thing.  We all looked forward to a trip to the Oasis for some prime rib… Oh it was so good.


Friday morning would bring an early ride for some of us and then the rest of the gang was spread out throughout the day and into the evening.  Some would stay for the rest of the show others would make it to the Oasis for supper and a few Snake Nuts!  Oh Snake Nuts they did return. Heath and Sara would have a few – Joel, Barbie and Chase would chase a couple down with Clea and I – Jimmy Bryant tested Joel’s ability to have snake nuts and Jose Cuervo at the same time.  Ummmmmm he did way better than Clea or I would have done.  The next day he would be heard saying “ I was walking back to the trailer and rifted that Tequila” shiver shiver – he then was seen taking a little nap on the couch at Hotel  Bloomer.  Oh Joel how we love you!

Saturday would bring everyone back for a 2nd go. With this being the last chance to get back to the finals we are all ready to ride so we can have that run on Sunday!  Everyone got their runs in and some made it back and some didn’t but we were all pulling for one another for sure.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when Madeline Shirey was getting ready to run Pierre in the youth for the first time.  Cara, Terri, Ellen, Clea and myself went out for Mexican (which was yummy) we made sure we were back to watch Madeline make her run.  I was so nervous waiting for her to come through the gate.   As about 12 of us line the fence  Maddy, in Jenna’s tan shirt with coral flowers, looking so grown up, would come in cool as a cucumber and ride Pierre up the long shoot, with two hands on her reins, making sure her horses eye was sure to see the first barrel she clearly picks out her spot where she wants her horse to be when she flys into the first barrel to make that right turn.  As I watch her do this I turn to Clea and say “she is just like her daddy and Hannah” we both agree.  We were so proud of her.  She had a great run and she was just out of the money!  Great Job Maddy

Sunday would bring the finals!  Oh KC Jane made us proud although we did not get one red cent in the finals nor a saddle L I’m still pouting.  She did get us a check in the 2nd go and we were happy about that.  Ohioans’ would have some great runs and would finish strong!  Barbie Jimison would win the 1D – Brad Shirey would win the 2D on Raymond Reynolds big Red Horse Firewater. Amy McQueen would win the 3D (and my saddle J)  Congrats to all and congrats to all who placed and came to run the cans.

This place is a great place to run, great facility, great ground, the show is always ran like we are all super stars and the next run could put us in the winner’s circle.


Until we see you again, be kind to everyone!




On the Road with Dawn and Clea

Clea and Dawn

PS  Thank you all so much for the well wishes for Clea.  She had a long grueling ride home being as ill as she was and riding in the back seat for 7 hours.  I had to put on the Betty Big Rigger hat that trip and get her home.  We thank everyone for the calls, text and post!




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  1. Joel said he was napping in your trailer because is was more quiet over there! Was quit the evening at the Oasis!!

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