Product Review: Wrangler Rock 47 Line from Head West Outfitters

Last month, my friends at Head West Outfitters sent me a pair of Wrangler Rock 47 Mesquite Cording Ultra Low Rise Jeans to try out in conjunction with their awesome Rock Your Patch Off contest.

So first, about my jeans. I’ve had Rock 47s since Wrangler launched the line a few years ago, and for my real job, I see the newest styles of these jeans every season. With this line, Wrangler is really trying to push the envelope and bring in a younger demographic. So far, it’s working.

The Mesquite Cording Jeans fit me perfectly. And by perfectly, I mean I ordered them a size smaller than I would any other jeans, because they run big and I knew that going in. Though they’ve got studding on the back pockets, the studs are smooth and don’t affect anything in the saddle. And even though they’re ultra low rise, they’re cut right so they don’t gap or sag in the back. They aren’t so low that I’m worried about them in the saddle.

And after I rode in them and washed them a few times, I added them into my dress jeans stack and had the starched and pressed. The thinner denim held the starch really, really well, and the jeans look sharp. Their dark wash is awesome for work functions.

So. With that said. Check out Head West Outfitters’ Rock 47 selection. The ones I tried are on sale for SUPER cheap right now. And shipping is FREE on orders over $25, so there is really no excuse not to get a pair or two or three to stock up. Because really, you don’t have enough jeans. I know you don’t.

And while you’re at it, stop over and check out Head West Outfitters’ Rock Your Patch Off contest. You can vote for whichever of the five finalists you think should appear in the next Head West Outfitters’ Wrangler ad. Check it out! 


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Wrangler Rock 47 Line from Head West Outfitters

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  2. こんばんは。先日は乾坤宝照図ありがとうございます。ところで、お財布は札入ればかりの紹介ですが小銭入れのほうはあまり気にしなくても良いのでしょうか?私は別々に使用していますので開運の小銭入れってありますでしょうか?よろしくお願いいたします。

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