Things Are Getting Exciting…

…We have just over two months until The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race and On the Road with Dawn and Clea September Showdown. And holy cow, we’ve got so much happening.

This week, Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company signed on to be the title sponsor of our Open 4D. We can’t be more thrilled to have such a creative company on board for this race! We can’t tell you all the details yet as to how you can win a Charlie 1 Horse (or Resistol!) hat, but you’ll know soon enough. Everyone will have a shot at these, plus we’ll have some of my personal favorites up for auction!

We also want to welcome on board Head West Outfitters, who you’ve gotten to know over the last two months. This clothing store based in Erie, Penn., has some great ties to the local barrel racing community, so a partnership with The Best of the Best just makes perfect sense!

A division of the company I work for called USRider is also excited to offer donations this year as well. USRider is a horseman’s roadside service provider. It’s like AAA, except built for those of us hauling horses. It’s really, really cool, and you better believe I put my membership to good use. The winner of The Best of the Best in Ohio Slot Race will receive a free membership, and we’ll have one in the silent auction as well. This is definitely something that will keep on giving!

And last but certainly NOT least, we want to say welcome back to Chick’s Saddlery! Last year, they jumped in to help when we needed most and were putting this barrel race together on a shoestring budget and on a tight tight deadline! Last year, they donated silent auction items and the trophy halters our top 5 finishers received, and this year they are on board for more.

If you’re interested in more sponsorship opportunities, please email Chelsea at! 



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