On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the NBHA State Show–Part 1

Hello Chels, first our hugs,  prayers and thoughts out to Colorado –

We have been really busy with everything but barrel racing, between hay, Sunrise and general things at home we have not been to many places besides the State Show over the 4th of July.

The State Show was HOT HOT HOT we had watched the forecast and we were pretty sure we should have stayed home but Marley was going to be there for the weekend and we had big plans for her at Circle G


We arrive early as a sponsor to get a shady spot for the horses as we know it is going to be hot and we want to get them out of the barn as much as possible.   We get there and all the spots are saved NOT for the people who paid the sponsor money to come early but for friends of the other sponsors.  SOOOO Clea and Doc proceed to chat about this subject – as Dustin (the community organizer) sees this he is the peace maker and only wants everyone to be happy and have a good time.  So we pull up to unload horses, Dustin clears us a spot and all is good.  By the end of the day Doc and Clea were kissing and making up and all was good in the Obama Camp.  We are both hot and ready to go home already but instead we get some beverages and relax at hotel bloomer.

Clea would decide that she was not going to ride this weekend but she would visit with everyone and stay hydrated 😉  We sit and watch everyone else unpack.  The Shirey clan brought 3 truckloads of things from home and only after 4 hours later they were unpacked.  Mr. Edie Gibson and his grandson would pull in and get situated and come visit for a few.  They Turners were there with their motorhome  – Of course there was not enough electric for all the AC’s that were trying to work Dennis was have the electric company turn it up!  We all pictured a huge ACME dial with the coyote turning up the electric.   By nights end the AC was working better.  THANK GOD!  Darci the Electric Nazi would be around to make sure we were all plugged in and everyone had what they needed.  She would intro Timmy to anyone who had never meant her little friend!  Her and Timmy would do a fine job of keeping everyone in line.

As we spend the weekend with great friends grilling Jerk Chicken at Hotel Bloomer and enjoying the great company of our neighbors we would look forward to rides we were getting ready to run and Saturday for the 30 Pee Wee Riders to take the spotlight!

This weekend to us would be all about the Pee Wee’s and our special lil’ gal Marley!

We would ready Marley for her debut!  The arena would be full of people waiting to cheer on the kids. As we waited for the arena to clear from the class before Marley would be sitting on Stevie – her steed she borrowed from Ms. Nina Shirey.  It fit her perfect.  Although I believe the adults were way more excited than Marley.  At first she was a little – not so sure – then she finally settled into the saddle and the noises that surrounded her and was ready to ride.

Clea would practice her kiss blowing and her princess wave for when she took the spotlight and we were off.  The horse whinnies would scare Marley but after a bit she would laugh at the whinnies and cheer!

Ben would be the announcer to introduce Marley and what a great job he would do.  Ben announced the entire Pee Wee class and made each pee wee rider and their families feel as special as a Pro Rodeo Star.   Clea and I would bring Marley in to cheers and Whooo Hooo’s Marley would be scared at first but after the first kiss blown she was all smiles.

At every barrel there would be a group of people cheering this little girl on – and not to mention someone with oxygen for Clea or I .  We thought as we crossed the finish line…. Why didn’t we shorten the pattern?

The pee wee’s would then line up one by one to see what they could do and how fast they could do it. Each one of them knowing that there would be awards, money and prizes at the end of the class…. And awards there were.  Brandi Whitesel did a spectacular job at getting the awards for the Pee Wee’s way to go Brandi.  Congrats to all the winners and award takers it was a spectacular showing.

The storm that came up on Saturday was amazing it was swift and brought cooler temperatures but also High winds, damaged awnings and loose horses.  It also brought worries for people who were away from home that were at the show.  Not long after the storm Clea and I are headed back to our trailer to find Marci Shesby in tears.  Of course we ask “Oh My what is wrong” frantic she says the storm hit her property while they were here at the show.  We said Ok “what happened – what do you need?”  she said they neighbor said “did your barn have doors- it doesn’t  now?” she sobs harder then she says the kids trampoline is in the neighbors field” we say “Is everyone ok family – animals?”  She lets out a sobbing “Yes”  We say again “OK do we need to unhook to get you home” And as fast as the wind changed direction she said “OH I am NOT going HOME”  We crack up and then she half stops crying and starts to chuckle!  Marci We love you!


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