On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the NBHA State Show – Part 3

With the show over we headed out to pack up the trailer and get our horses loaded to get down the road. With Circle G in our rearview we were glad to be headed home. As we get on I71 we see a storm following us and we are ahead of it the whole way through Columbus – we get through Columbus and are about 5 miles from the 95 Exit when I happen to see on FB that Sarah and Heath were at the Polaris Mall as they still had no electric and were not at the State show. We chat a min about 2 of our favs and then something felt amiss with the rig… I look over and say did you feel that- it was like we ran over something or something was tugging on our trailer from behind- Clea says well I was hoping you didn’t but yes I did. Then the Pete starts to chug off and on and the check engine light comes on.

We both look at each other like *&%(! So we are at a rest area – truck parking only- the black clouds are rolling in on us and our 4 year old is none too happy to be in the trailer still. We get pulled off pop the hood NOTHING no smoke no liquids…. We service the hell out of the truck and before we left we added fluids yadda yadda so we were fairly sure it was not a maintenance issue. So we decide to call Heath and Sarah and see if we can get their truck and trailer to get the horses home anyhow. In the meantime this very nice trucker man tried to help us- thank God it was daylight or he would have been a lot scarier- We all agreed it sounded like a fuel filter or air filter and that the engine just wasn’t getting either one of them. After cleaning the air filters we fired it up and thought we would give it a try as the 95 exit was 1 mile up the road. Just then Heath and Sarah pull in to help, they follow us up I71 to the next exit – well we got off the off ramp of the rest area onto I 71 and the truck shut down so now we are rolling and have no steering nothing. Betty keep it to the side of the road as I see a bloated dead ground hog on the side of the road I try to warn her but it was to late………OMG did that stink. We limp it to the on ramp and half way up we are stuck. Clea gets out as now the Bouchers and the Phillips are behind us blocking traffic to see if we can get anywhere. Still thinking it is the fuel filter as Clea and Mike talk about a strategy I jump in the driver’s seat to see if it will start. It does I put it in manual mode yell “Jump In” and we get it off the ramp through a red light and down the hill into a Wendy’s parking lot and come to a rest where she would sit til Tuesday!

The Bouchers and The Phillips would be there as great friends are to get us headed home! The Good Lord have said enough for these gals as the storm that was following us went around us and never a drop of rain fell until we go home safe and sound. Thank you! God is Good!

The following day would be a long day for Clea and Heath as they try to get the rig on the road and the trailer home. Thank you Bruce Van sickle for lending us your truck to get the trailer home. Thank you Uncle Ron (Heaths Uncle) for trying to fix the Pete and for staying all day. Thank you Larry Loder for sending your mechanic down to try to get the Pete fixed. We finally had it towed and it was the main computer chip that went. So we were lucky to get off the road and we are VERY LUCKY to have great people in our life! THANK YOU THANK YOU

Summary of the weekend

Weather – HELL
State Show Entries – A LOT
Vet Bill for colicy horse – Less than state show but to freaking much
Our life and our Friends – PRICELESS

We would like to add the The Whetnalls had a hell of a weekend too but as us they always manage to find good in all and have a good time. Bridgett CONGRATS on your 3rd place win on Fifty Shades of Grey and trey congrats on your almost getting to the finals but we know you were happy with the progress you have made with our big horse! We love us some Whetnalls!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the September Showdown at WB in September. The BEST OF THE BEST is around the corner where we will see all the riders compete and try to take the title for THE BEST OF THE BEST in OHIO!

Until our next show which will be at Zanesville – we think – on the 28th of July.

Remember be kind to everyone!

One the Road with Dawn and Clea

Clea and Dawn

PS thank you to all who bought a T shirt and supported Team Marley! We still have some for sale and appreciate the effort and your hard earned money that goes to help children in need! It is appreciated!


3 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the NBHA State Show – Part 3

  1. Joel, I think you are correct on the reality show! But remember Joel they still have the video of you falling down the stairs in your underwear!!!

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