On the Road at Serenity Acres – The Old Eagles Nest

Serenity Acres August 4, 2012

Well Chels –

A sleepless night and an early start would proof to be a lot for these two gals. Serenity Acres was wells worth the late night. It was in fact a great show. With everyone anticipating a large turn out we were all ready for a long night. We had thought about heading to The Shirey’s Friday night for a swim in the pool and a wonderful dinner. Turns out we could not get away for the night and had to pass on swimming but would find ourselves with full bellies as Jenna brought us lasagna to the show! Jenna Shirey you rock sista! She made our early morning drive worth it and of course it was all Brad’s idea for her to bring it…. Whatever

As we pull in we are happy to see so many people turn out for such a great show. Showing the support for 08 district and the re opening of an old pen. There was a nice breeze and the sun would stay hidden most of the day. Wonderful day to be outside and with people we love!

Joy Patton would be the expo nazi and keep it moving. The show would start on time with everyone ready to ride. The ground was safe and perfect for a barrel race with over 200 head in the open, 80 plus in the youth 40 in the seniors and the warmup would start the day off with over 160 in the class.

After the warm up we would visit with everyone. I would be in a deep conversation with Bill Watson about the Best of the Best when Ellen McKee would come up behind me and tug on my underwear. Now for anyone who knows me that is such an irritation with me when your ass crack is hang in out or your underwear. Well because Brigette Whetnall and the other 75 people who would point out to each other this was happening BUT NOT TO ME I say “Your day will come my little dearies” I thank Ellen for making sure that my crack was safely tucked away once again. It was funny tho! LOL

Clea would find herself setting the 1st barrel at the end of the show and with Tom Theado on the tractor she would find herself in an a most worse position than me when it comes to your butt. Tom hooked the barrel and it flipped to Clea and she was not exactly ready for it… The look on her face was “Oh I almost S^%t” after that had settled down she would find herself in yet another position for the same thing to happen. As we sit talking to some wonderful ladies the first barrel goes down time after time. Clea of course is commenting on how they should keep the barrel up. Just then another horse hits the barrel and she jumps in the arena wile the horse was still in there. Little did she know the horse was taking a tour of the arena and as Clea dusted off her flip flop and turned to come out of the pen she looked up with a deer in the headlight look and her first thought was SHIT. Her 2nd thought was “Did i just?” All is well though. Jenna, Bobbie and Lisa all would laugh after they knew she was ok of course. Clea would sit down to compose herself before we would head to the truck to hit the road.

The Ground

The arena dirt was about as good as any. Tom and Ben did a great job at getting the ground ready and making sure it was safe. They are two of the best for the ground. Thank you gentlemen.

The Arena

Clean facility, nice warm up pen, nice size arena. Plenty of parking, plenty of area to warm up your horses away from the arena. The Serenity Crew put a lot of time in to the arena to get it ready for the show. Thank you

The Riders

It was a strong group of riders. Running on virgin ground it is anyones game and this would prove to be the case. With the warm up class a pen full of fast horses and top horseman it would prove to be Brad Shirey and Shrek a BOTB team that would take the 1st place with posting a 15.5 which would put us at the top of the 2D money on Chil Bug! Thank you Brad.

The Youth Riders would be on fast horses in all the classes. Rachel Stegner would win the youth with Grandpa Doc cheering her on the entire run. Christine Scott would loan her great horse Elvis to Adam Wenrtz and he would ride the blue suede shoes right off him to post a 15.9 to take 2nd! Way to go get it done Adam! Regan Henning would be on her new horse Dreamer and would find herself with a downed barrel but a smoking impressive run none the less. Morgan would redeem herself on her horses by having clean runs all weekend and taking home some money. Peyton Theado would post a 15.9 over the weekend on Tucker but a downed 3rd would get her no check but still a smile with that time. Joy Patton’s lil gal would be on a big horse for the weekend. She did great Joy!

The Seniors would have a good showing in all the classes and would show they are ready for the open to begin!

The Open would bring everyone to the ring for a chance at the $1500 added money It would be a race to the finish with Bali Brown finishing the night with a 15.3, enough to win the open and take home the big money! Congrats to Bali who qualified for the Best of the Best earlier in the year and will be at WB Ranch September 21-23 for the September Showdown.

Bali is a new rider, to us, in the arena and has found a place in the top spot of barrel racing for sure. When you can not only run with but outrun the top riders in Ohio you are going to get noticed. Great Job Bali Happy to say you are one of the Best of the Best in 2012.

The Food

The 08 group provided the food for the weekend, Serenity Acres does not have a food booth at this time but maybe in time we will see one.

All in All

This is a great place to show and meet up with friends and our horse show families to enjoy a clean, safe place to run our trusty steeds and over all enjoy this wonderful life.

We are headed back to Serenity Acres on August 25th for the NBHA 06 show. $1000 ADDED http://nbhaoh06.homestead.com/August_25_2012Serenity_Farms.doc

Hope to see everyone there. Until then Be kind to everyone and for God’s sake if our ass crack or underwear are hanging out anytime please Be A Friend TELL US!

On The Road with Dawn and Clea

Clea and Dawn


One thought on “On the Road at Serenity Acres – The Old Eagles Nest

  1. The look on your face was priceless at least you had pretty panties on!!!! Good job reporting on show as always. It is a wonderful place to show and Hope, dist 8 and all her helpers did a wonderful job!!!!!

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