Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Cara Loder Kaufman

The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race (and now the September Showdown) came about all because of one special little girl, Marley, who is a member of one special family. Cara Loder Kaufman is a member of that special family, and this year she gets to enjoy this race not just with her family but also on the back of her horse, Stroker, in the slot race. 

Tell us about the horse you’re riding (breeding, age, reg name, and anything else!)

JUSTA SMOOTH STROKER, 12 years old. He is the son of Justa Leaving and Smooth Strokes. I have owned Stroker for the last two years.

What has been your horse’s biggest win this year and of all time?

I have won several this year , but I am going to have say placing second at the labor day show this past weekend would have to be one of my biggest wins this year.

What’s your ultimate goal in barrel racing?

My ultimate goal is always try to do my personal best and have fun.

What saddle do you ride?

I ride in a Bob Marshall treeless saddle.

What bit is in your horse’s mouth?

The bit that Max gave me when I bought Stroker.

What supplements do you feed?

I feed Equipride and Platinum CJ

What won’t you leave home for a barrel race without?

I cannot leave home without my 2 year old daughter she is all about riding horses (a dream come true to have a little girl to share my love of horses ). I also wouldn’t leave home without Ellen my co-pilot, babysitter, and cheerleader.

To whom do you owe most of your success?

I owe my success to my family for supporting me in a sport that I love. I also owe my success on Stroker to Max and Ellen Mckee who have taken the time to teach me how to ride Stroker, and correct me when I do it wrong. There isn’t a day that I go down to ride that Max isn’t sitting up there watching Ellen and I ride making sure that we are doing it right.

Tell us one fun fact about you or your horse.

Stroker loves to grind his teeth.

What charity is closest to your heart?

The charity that is closest to my heart is the UCP of Greater Cleveland. The way they have helped my niece Marley to succeed in ways that Doctors told her parents were impossible is amazing. All the therapist truly love their jobs and helping children with disabilities. I would also like to thank Dawn, Clea and Chelsea for putting on a great show that supports wonderful courageous children.


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