Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Whitley Murphy

Whitley and Gunner

With some of the best youth in the country consistently coming out of Ohio, of course we’re going to have plenty of top youth riders in The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race! And when one good youth sells a horse, another good youth gets her chance to shine. So was the case when Abi Ringer, a Best of the Best competitor last year, looked to sell Rollin Honor, aka Gunner, and Whitley Murphy jumped at the chance to ride him. Today, Murphy tells us about how she’s spent the last year getting with the gelding and all the success they’ve had along the way.  

Tell us about the horse you’re riding.

The horse that I am riding is AQHA Rollin Honor, barn name is Gunner, and he is 13 years old. We just purchased him in January of this year.

What is your biggest win this year?

This year, our biggest wins have been at district NBHA, and IBRA shows. This year has consisted of us just hooking up. We’re currently leading the NBHA 02 Open 1D and Youth 1D.

What’s your ultimate goal in barrel racing?

My ultimate goal this year is to win the All American Quarter Horse Congress on Gunner!

What saddle do you ride?

I ride in a Pro Rider Trophy saddle.

What supplements do you feed?

Gunner gets Oxy-Gen 2x, Gastric Shield,FastTrack.

What won’t you leave home for a barrel race without?

Visit to learn more about Cactus Saddles like this one, which Best of the Best competitors will be running for Sept. 22!

I will not leave without my saddle, bridle bag, money and obviously my horse!

To whom do you owe most of your barrel racing success?

I owe most of my success to my mommy, without her I wouldn’t be where I am.

Tell us a fun fact about you or your horse.

A fun fact about me and my horse is that we can run the barrel pattern in a halter and bareback!

What charity is closest to your heart?

The charity closest to my heart is the Animal Protective League because animals depend on us to take care of them.


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