Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Morgan Pugh

Sorry y’all, I’m typing this up on my iPad here in Chicago en route to The Best of the Best! So the formatting MIGHT be funky here and there. Mmmmm those bagels in this Starbucks smell good…

Ok focus: we have the last few interviews to get up today. Here is Ms Morgan Pugh’s. She is another of our top youth, and another new combo who made quick work of getting qualified for this race after just getting together this year.

Tell us what horse you’ll be riding.
JG Lena is 8 and was purchased from trainer Marissa Berg from Burleson, Texas. JG Lena has taken me to another level as a competitor. After a few months of “getting to know her”, I have been placing in the 1D consistently. After only a few races, I was able to qualify for the BOTB barrel race coming up. I look forward to participating in the race September 23, 2012 and doing my best. Breeding: Dash for Cash & Doc’s Legend

What is your horses biggest win this year?
Morgan really doesn’t have any big wins. She has placed in the 1D, sometimes 2D, in every show since she started running the horse in April of 2012.

What is your ultimate goal in barrel racing?
Martha Josey Jr. World

What saddle do you ride?
Martha Josey Ultimate Cash Saddle

What bit is in your horse’s mouth?
Gag bit

What supplements do you feed?
Sta-Natural joint supplement

What is one thing you won’t leave home for a barrel race without?
Magnetic hock wraps

To whom do you owe most of your success?
My Mom – she takes me everywhere, gets me the trainers to help me, helps with all the ground work at the shows.

What charity is closest to your heart?
Lymphoma Society


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