Best of the Best in Ohio Winners

Macie Davidson aboard Three Bar Meyers

Ok, two days and two plane rides later, I’m finally caught up A LITTLE on sleep. And Ohio’s rainy weather got me darn sick, but we’re rolling right along anyways…

So you’ve heard by now, Macie Davidson won The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race. She took home that gorgeous Cactus Trophy Saddle, Macie Bean Boots, Charlie 1 Horse hat, USRider Membership, and Bob Berg Belt Buckle, all aboard Three Bar Meyers.

Anne Johnson and Show Me Some Glory

Macie rode hard and earned that big win. We’re so excited she could take that saddle home, even if her tiny body frame might not be able to ride it any time soon!

Tausha Schneider aboard War Bug Meyers

Also, congratulations to Anne Johnson, our reserve champ! Third place went to Tausha Schneider and War Bug Meyers, who previously owned and rode Three Bar Meyers! (Schneider also won the Warm Up 4D that day!)

Lots more to come!



2 thoughts on “Best of the Best in Ohio Winners

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