Announcing the No Brakes Tour 2013

No Brakes trophy saddles

When The Barrel Racing Blog started in 2009, I was living in Athens, Ohio, working for the Athens NEWS, a junior at Ohio University, and occasionally running Onyx at some amateur rodeos.

Well, let’s just say: Times have changed. I’m living in Eaton, Colo., next to Spicer Arena, where they put on barrel races every Tuesday night and many weekends. I’m pretty lucky, I can actually hear the announcer from my house, that’s how close we are. It’s a 16-17-second pen, with some of the best ground you can hope for.

I have so much fun working with barrel racers and our great sponsors at The Best of the Best in Ohio, that I didn’t want to just do it once a year. And, I’ve got to say, I’m also guilty of wanting to help with a barrel race that I can run at. (Don’t hate me for being a LITTLE selfish…) So, moral of the story: I want to tell you all about the No Brakes Tour.

Last year, some awesome barrel racers in Colorado wanted to put on top-of-the-line productions, with great ground and tough competition. In it’s first year, the No Brakes Tour paid out $14,000 in prize money and gave away $10,000 in awards, including five Cactus Champion Trophy Saddles from Cactus Saddlery.

The kicker: It’s all with NO membership fees

I mentioned the barrel races at Spicer Arena, and there’s races at Burns Arena, the Norris-Penrose Events Center and the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo. Check out the full schedule here: No Brakes Tour Event Schedule. This gives us races at big and small indoor pens and two of the best outdoor pens in the state. To qualify for awards, you’ve got to hit just 15 races. And there’s nothing too complicated about how you can win awards; it’s based on how much money you win in each division. Most money wins at the end of the year!

The No Brakes Tour gives out a Novice Horse saddle, too, for horses who haven’t won over $1,000 before nomination into the division.

If you’re in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, or just passing through, consider stopping by these shows. Most of the No Brakes stops have no processing/administration/grounds fees, and the entry fees are WAY affordable.

If you’re on Facebook, go LIKE the No Brakes Tour by clicking here!


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