Head West Outfitters’ CYBER MONDAY Sale : )

Eeek! My friends at Head West Outfitters (who also were a sponsor of The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race!) are having a 20% off everything in the store sale, with FREE shipping.

Did I mention I LOVE the Rock & Roll Cowgirl jeans they sent me last month? They were mid-rise so they hit in just the right place in the saddle (that means my butt wasn’t hanging out, NOT a pretty view, really) and they looked ADORABLE.

The Rock & Roll Cowgirl jeans are definitely some of the best, sturdiest denim in the industry, and after a whole day at a barrel race they aren’t three sizes bigger like some of their competitors. Hurray!

So ch-ch-ch-check out the sale going on today! This is a Pennsylvania-based company that’s got everything going for it, and it’s awesome to shop in our area for this kick-A stuff.

Miss you all, by the way! See ya in VEGAS… And stay tuned for some fun goodies…


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