Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Baili Brown

Eeee we are SO close to The Best of the Best in Ohio Charity Slot Race AND September Showdown! Remember, the show starts at 8 a.m. Saturday and it’s WESTERN DRESS CODE : ) This will make your photos look infinitely better and will make us (and Brent Puhl!) very very happy!

I’ll be getting everyone’s interviews up before the race, just hang tight! I’m heading to a photo shoot today (DANG REAL JOBS!) but if you need anything or have any questions, get at Dawn, Clea or I on Facebook!

And now, we’ve got our very own veteran riding in our slot race. Don’t forget to thank Ms. Baili Brown for her service while you’re cheering her and Blue on Saturday! 

Tell us about the horse you’re riding.
The horse Im riding is MJ Sweet Valentine (aka) Blue. She is a 7 year old blue roan. Out of Box Elder Roan and MJ Flips Valentine.

What has been your horse’s biggest win this year and of all time?
This year the biggest win Blue & I have had was winning the NBHA show at Serenity Farms in August out of over 200 head. Blue and I have only been running as a team for 2 years in November so our all time so far winning would be getting Reserve Champion in Amateur Barrels at the Congress 2011.

What’s your ultimate goal in barrel racing?
My ultimate goal in barrel racing is to always improve, stay safe, and have FUN!! Everytime Blue and I run we keep getting better. This mare has a heart bigger then anything I know, and she opens up for me and we have faith together to always do better.

What saddle do you ride?
I ride in a Angel Kisses Ammerman!

What bit is in your horse’s mouth?
Blue runs in a twisted wire combination.

What supplements do you feed?
Fasttrack, Lysine & Ultium

What won’t you leave home for a barrel race without?
I dont leave home without my horse, or tack. Im very forgetful so I have to always make a list and check it double or triple times.

To whom do you owe most of your success?

I owe most of my success to my mom! If it wasnt for her always believing in me and working I wouldnt be where I am today. I also owe great thanks to the late Gerald Piatt, an amazing man, friend, grandpa and horseman. Over the years he taught me almost everything I know now, and I know he is always watching from above when I run cheering us on. The military for shapping me into the person I have become. & Sevi Torturo for raising, training, and eventually letting go and selling me Blue and believing in her!

Tell us one fun fact about your horse.
Blue is a mare through and through. Whenever Im saddeling her she acts like she is going to bite, but instead of trying to bite me (which she never would) she bends down to try and bite my mom who is putting on her boots.

What charity is closest to your heart?

The charity that is closest to my heart is the Wounded Warrior Project!! As I am a Veteran and come from a long line of service family members and friends. Founded in 2003, WWP’s purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.


Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Troy Crumrine

Troy and Costly Crystal

We’re lucky enough to have THE winningest rider of the last decade, and perhaps of ALL TIME, in The Best of the Best in Ohio Slot Race. He’s had the top horses in the country year in and year out, and I’ve got to watch them run everywhere from Henderson’s Arena to the Thomas & Mack. We’re thrilled that Troy Crumrine puts The Best of the Best on his BUSY schedule, and now we want him to tell you all about the horse he’s bringing for the slot race. And this mare really has clocked at the WB Ranch, so keep this duo in mind during that calcutta!

Tell us about the horse you’re riding.

Costly Crystal is a 4-year-old by Dash Ta Fame out of JM Crystal by Chicks Beduino. Owners Matt & Bendi Dunn. They bought her as a 3-year-old from Cody Bauserman.

What’s been your horse’s biggest win?

Her first Futurity entered: IBRA Murfreesboro, Tenn., and her most money won in the futurities was at Drummondville, Canada in July.

What’s your ultimate goal in barrel racing?

To be the best that I can be and provide for my family.

What bit is in your horse’s mouth?


What supplements do you feed?

I don’t give any at this time.

What won’t you leave home for a barrel race without?

My saddle

To whom do you owe most of your success?

My wife and kids, they are behind me good or bad, no matter what. Also my owners for trusting in me and sending me the nice bred horses they do.

Tell us a fun fact about you or your horse.

I always remember that no matter how many races you win, or how much money you win, you can always be humbled. This is a very humbling business, especially with young horses, so never let the wins get to your head!

What charity is closest to your heart?

American Cancer Society, I have had many family and friends affected by cancer.

Best of the Best in Ohio Qualifier: Valerie Vansickle-Watson

We are so lucky to draw in so many top horses and riders for this race, and Valerie Vansickle-Watson and Seis So Sweet are NO exception, that’s for sure. Seis So Sweet was the standout futurity mare that earned the Congress Sweeps title in a run off, on top of MANY other big wins. We couldn’t be happier to have this combo in the race, and we’re so lucky that Legend Valley Stables jumped in as a saddle sponsor for The Best of the Best in Ohio Slot Race! Wait til you see these Cactus Saddles, phew are they EVER gorgeous.

Tell us about the horse you’re riding.

SEIS SO SWEET aka Sixey Baby, 5-year-old buckskin mare by Tres Seis out of a Takin On The Cash mare. I haven’t had many outs on her. Lance Graves futuritied her last year, winning over $100K including Fort Smith, Hawki, West Virginia, Junior and Sweepstakes barrels at the Congress, and Reserve World Champion at AQHA World Show. I have had many shoulda been runs this year including second fastest time in the consolation round at Ft. Smith.

What’s your ultimate goal in barrel racing?

I would like to win the Congress someday.

What saddle do you ride?

I ride in a Billy Cook.

What bit is in your horse’s mouth?

Six runs in an o-ring.

What supplements do you feed?

Extruded soybean meal and Big Dee’s K&C powder.

What won’t you leave home for a barrel race without?

I always use the same reins on a horse, each horse has their own set of reins.

To whom do you owe most of your success?

My parents. They are always there for me no matter what they’ve always supported me and helped me through everything!

Tell us one fun fact about you or your horse.

Six is a very appreciative mare she likes good luck kisses on the nose!

What charity is closest to your heart?

Breast cancer awareness

On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Circle G with Pigs and Tequila and Beer Hats

Hello in Colorado! Ms Chels – Well is has been crazy 2 months. We have not been to many barrel races with all that has been going on but the couple we have been to have been great.

In April we attended Darci Kilgore’s NBHA sanctioned show at Circle G. It was to say the least a great weekend. Friday night would bring a nice turn out but not what you would think for $250.00 added. It would however bring out Helen Chambers and Becky Johnston and their talents, not only in the horse arena but in the hat making, beer drinking dinner cooking arena as well. On a face book post Helen AKA Giddy Up stated she was headed to Circle G and Clea commented on her post to put on her beer drinking hat.

So as you can see she did just that.  Both Helen and Becky have been exercising and gearing up to run hard this year and make things happen,  Between the 2 of them they have lost 40 plus pounds!  Way to go ladies.  No we want you to realize that the pounds are not lost because they share their food- as least their chicken- Here’s a little story for you.  Clea and I brought no food – literally.  We were running late – nothing new- and of course we were headed to Circle G so you know as well as we do there is no food there. Earlier in the night we stopped over to visit the two ladies, we get there and they have the crock pot out with a chicken in it.  Now Helen would have you believing that she caught, killed, plucked and cooked the chicken.  It was stamped Giant Eagle Helen we know a rotisserie chicken when we see one.  WE chatted for a bit Helen would drop the F Bomb 10 times in 10 Min and who was parked by them THE PREACHER Eddie Gibson.  I am sure he was on over time for prayers this weekend.

After the classes were over  – it is late Helen and Becky are toasted and we thought well we will head over to their trailer thinking MAYBE JUST MAYBE they would have a little snack a roo.  Let us tell you.  Those two were cleaning up from dinner and the chicken was nowhere to be found.  We hinted “ How was that chicken” Helen said “it was delicious and we are having the rest of it tomorrow for lunch in our salad.” she finishes “ do you want some chips and cheese sauce?”  Of course we did because we were starving… We laughed the whole way back to the trailer and don’t you think for one minute we didn’t tease her the next day about that chicken.   Good times.

Saturday’s show would be a nice turn out. With more districts approved it would bring a slew of people running for the ol’ mighty points.   We would spend most of the day getting ready for the classes with our horses or sitting in the bleaches cheering on the teams running through the timers waiting for a chance to score some points and with a little luck and a fast smooth horse some money.   One team that had an interesting start was Laura Lambert.  As we wait for her to come in the arena we sit at the 1st barrel with our heads turned to the left looking out to the alley way area.  We see Ben doing his best to get Laura’s horse to the shoot to get pointed to the first.  As her horse decides to rare up and spin Ben would find himself struggling to get Laura to a good spot for her run.  Once again he would grab the reins and start toward the shoot and once again no go.  You would see them then you would not – On what would appear to be the final time Ben would start back to the shoot when BAM Ben is down… He lay there for what he said seemed like 20 mins and thought  “I’m done Where is my bike?” He jumps up grabs the horse and away they go this time into the shoot with a right turn Laura makes a hell of a run.  15.9 and the whole place cheers her on.  Great job Ben and Laura!

Lisa Cline and her 2 horses will be ones to watch this year and the coming years.  She has an awesome Jet Of Honor 4 Year old that she has working nicely.  Her little bay open horse is sure to be at the Best of the Best this year with the way that team is working.

We had a nice weekend we actually covered all our cost including fuel and had some money left over.  After my first run – I rode like a fat girl on her first pony ride – I got my sh$% together and came back in the open and ran a 16.0 and was sitting 5th but then Barbie’s 15.5 set me pretty for the 2nd Division.  Clea would draw a check for each run she ran.  Our 4 yr old is making us very happy and is paying for herself so that makes us feel good.  Channing – the idiot that jumped out , yes OUT the trailer window even pulled us a check.  You will not be seeing her at an barrel races any time soon.  IF you do she will be the one tied beside the trailer running beside it as we pull into the show.  One day I will write about that ordeal!  OMG is all we have to say about that.

The 06 riders were there and had a great showing.  Darci would run a great show – smooth and never a hiccup. 07 Riders turned out for their run at the money and points and Darci’s district would stay for the weekend to support the 03 Director.   Although it would have been nice for the weekend to be approved for all districts Darci had good numbers regardless.

We did get to meet Timmy Darci’s friend, who is a crack up.  He could be found behind her the entire weekend.  No matter where Darci was Timmy was sure to follow.  She seems to have no problem introducing him when he peeks out to say hi to everyone.  She is really fond on him, as a matter of fact if you watch Darci and Raymond run the drums Timmy will probably be peeking out on the run home from the 3rd barrel!  If you are every around let Darci know you would love to meet her little friend Timmy!

Gary and Judy Hess would be there for the weekend and have a good weekend with collecting checks though out the show.  Their daughters Kinz and Maddie are future superstars.  They are moving up in the pee wee classes and ready to take on youth.  We would enjoy the time we spent with them and talking about future ventures for the barrel racing world.  We would also enjoy their pet pig “Snowflake”  OMG thank goodness no one was selling them or we would have bought one for sure.  A tea cup pig with the personality better than most,  This picture says it all.  Thank you Hess’s for sharing your time with us this weekend. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The ground seemed a little different this weekend.  Not sure what it was not the norm though.  All in all there were some great runs, some ok ones, some fall down ones (no one was hurt) and some  not so good ones.  That is a full weekend of barrel racing.


The following weekend would find us at Gifford Illinois.  The Great Lakes NBHA Supershow.  As we sent in entries for a crew of 20 we were all excited to make the long trip to the covered arena that would proof to be a great place for Ohioan’s to do their thing.  We all looked forward to a trip to the Oasis for some prime rib… Oh it was so good.


Friday morning would bring an early ride for some of us and then the rest of the gang was spread out throughout the day and into the evening.  Some would stay for the rest of the show others would make it to the Oasis for supper and a few Snake Nuts!  Oh Snake Nuts they did return. Heath and Sara would have a few – Joel, Barbie and Chase would chase a couple down with Clea and I – Jimmy Bryant tested Joel’s ability to have snake nuts and Jose Cuervo at the same time.  Ummmmmm he did way better than Clea or I would have done.  The next day he would be heard saying “ I was walking back to the trailer and rifted that Tequila” shiver shiver – he then was seen taking a little nap on the couch at Hotel  Bloomer.  Oh Joel how we love you!

Saturday would bring everyone back for a 2nd go. With this being the last chance to get back to the finals we are all ready to ride so we can have that run on Sunday!  Everyone got their runs in and some made it back and some didn’t but we were all pulling for one another for sure.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when Madeline Shirey was getting ready to run Pierre in the youth for the first time.  Cara, Terri, Ellen, Clea and myself went out for Mexican (which was yummy) we made sure we were back to watch Madeline make her run.  I was so nervous waiting for her to come through the gate.   As about 12 of us line the fence  Maddy, in Jenna’s tan shirt with coral flowers, looking so grown up, would come in cool as a cucumber and ride Pierre up the long shoot, with two hands on her reins, making sure her horses eye was sure to see the first barrel she clearly picks out her spot where she wants her horse to be when she flys into the first barrel to make that right turn.  As I watch her do this I turn to Clea and say “she is just like her daddy and Hannah” we both agree.  We were so proud of her.  She had a great run and she was just out of the money!  Great Job Maddy

Sunday would bring the finals!  Oh KC Jane made us proud although we did not get one red cent in the finals nor a saddle L I’m still pouting.  She did get us a check in the 2nd go and we were happy about that.  Ohioans’ would have some great runs and would finish strong!  Barbie Jimison would win the 1D – Brad Shirey would win the 2D on Raymond Reynolds big Red Horse Firewater. Amy McQueen would win the 3D (and my saddle J)  Congrats to all and congrats to all who placed and came to run the cans.

This place is a great place to run, great facility, great ground, the show is always ran like we are all super stars and the next run could put us in the winner’s circle.


Until we see you again, be kind to everyone!




On the Road with Dawn and Clea

Clea and Dawn

PS  Thank you all so much for the well wishes for Clea.  She had a long grueling ride home being as ill as she was and riding in the back seat for 7 hours.  I had to put on the Betty Big Rigger hat that trip and get her home.  We thank everyone for the calls, text and post!



Congrats to Robin Weaver and Jolene Montgomery on Old Fort Days Futurity Win

We’re bound and determined to track down Jolene Montgomery and Robin Weaver to talk to The Barrel Racing Blog about their win with Robin’s KN Fabs Mist Of Fame at the Old Fort Days Futurity this past weekend. But, in the meantime, we don’t want you to miss the story The Barrel Racing Report did on their big win!

So, click here to read more! 

On the Road with Dawn and Clea (Catch Up!)

Dawn and Clea did in fact do their homework and write this long ago… I’ve just been SO hectic lately I haven’t gotten it up. So, the wait is over! Here it is. 

Before and After the almighty All American Quarter Horse Congress

Oct 18th found us at the last show at 4T’s Arena in Ashville, Ohio, at the Theado’s.  As always it was a great turn out and fun was held by all. We sold the last of the T-shirts and would like to thank Jordan Burg for being the model for the cause.

The next weekend would take us to Ruggles. We took this photo as there was so many people at Ruggles we were not sure we were at the right place. With the BBR at Henderson going on and the fact that it was Ruggles we were surprised but happy for the Ruggles Arena and we hope that they can continue to have bigger shows. We only took the pole pony, Cracker, so Clea could get a run in before Congress. There was plenty of talent there for running poles. Exhibitions had its moments; Brannon, Kelly and Clea did have to set the gate lady straight when she wanted to cut off the exhibition poles.  Unfortunately this is a common thing that happens during pole exhibitions; show committee’s do not leave enough time for the pole exhibitions that are usually ran after barrels. We would hope to see in the future enough time allotted for pole expos so we can see this event brought back strong to Ohio and surrounding areas. Just like Dustin Whitesel is bringing sexy back we want to see poles brought back STRONG!  When you have talent like Clea Remington, The Riley’s, Trent Tobin, Tara & Stacey Henkel, Amy Snyder and Cody Powell just to mention a few, this talent should not be wasted! The Theado’s were there as well. Always nice to see them. Kelly, Matt and the gang from up north were there as well. It was a cold windy October day but nice with no rain.

The next trip we would take would be to Columbus, Ohio. When I say we have been nonstop (like everyone I am sure) I mean nonstop. Monday, Oct. 24 would find me at the office and Clea headed to the hardware store on an unexpected trip to get parts to finish up the waterline then an afternoon trip to Columbus to meet Bryan Ford to pick yet another young horse. Instead of heading to Oklahoma AGAIN we caught this one a ride with Bryan.  (Thank you!)

On our last trip to Okieland we saw this horse and another and did not have room for either at the time but later decided on the way home that YES we would take them. So we needed a ride for them.  We did have a ride for both of them earlier in the month (you know to get them home and settled before Congress, yah that really didn’t work out)  But in the long run we were able to get them to Ohio before we left (well the day we left for Congress). So it’s Monday and our week has gotten started… Clea gets her (we call the new horse Grey–I know very inventive huh!) home, I get home from work and as we are admiring her beautiful grey colorings we both say, almost in unison “Do you remember her head being so big?” then we laugh. She settles in and we finish out the night with the norm.

Tuesday would bring a beautiful morning and thank God for that as we are leaving to get to Congress Tuesday night about 10 p.m. and we have to get the waterline finished and finish packing the trailer, the horses cleaned up blah blah blah… oh yes and we have to meet Cody Bauserman in Columbus at 10:30 p.m. to pick up the other young horse that we needed to get home from Okie. Now we have a different timeline–what’s new we always do! So we get all the water line in and we rope off all that we can so the horses can not get in to any trouble while we are gone. So it is about 8 p.m. I run to town to get a few items at the store and Cody calls that they are about 1.5 hours out from Columbus, so I hustle home and get Clea and we head out to get the 2nd horse. This is a sister to the grey. We head to meet Cody–I am exhausted Clea is exhausted. We meet Cody and Stephanie by the fairgrounds he pulls the horse off the trailer, and we do a Dear Baby Jesus prayer that she is going to get back on our trailer to head back to West Salem. She hops right on.  Thank you Baby Jesus. THANK YOU CODY and STEPHANIE for getting that horse up to us. Oh and we call her Bay–yep you guessed it she is a bay.

So on the way home I say OMG I am so tired I need a 5 minute nap then I will be fine. It is 11:15 at this time and we should have been in bed about 2 hours ago. So I curl up in the seat–think I will never be able to sleep in this seat, so 65 minutes later I am awake… oooopppps so much for Nelly Navigator…I knew she knew where she was headed so that is why I took a little snooze. We roll into the driveway with Bay and get her off the trailer and it was like dejuvu’ “Man I don’t remember their heads being so big!” We laugh like crazy and decide we better get some things finished packed up and hit the road as we are headed back to Congress.

Well it is now 1:15 a.m. Betty has the Pete started and I start loading the dogs. Lynn, Clea’s Mom is trying to go to sleep as we are in and out of the house getting ready to leave.  We leave her with 8 horses, 2 dogs and a water leak! Yikes that woman must love us! We sure love her. Well horses are loaded, dogs are in, we are pulling out the drive and we both look at each other like WTH are we thinking… Well I will tell you… Is it easier to park a 66 foot rig when there is little to no traffic at Congress OR WAIT til there are people everywhere?  WE ROLL ON!

We are headed down 301 thru West Salem and of course Betty has the peddle to the metal (well like 40) through town and little did we know they had done a little resurfacing of the road we hit that road and you would have thought we were on the rail road tracks at Canal Winchester again. We bounce through town it wakes us up for sure and we hit I 71 with the cruise on and get going to Congress!

to be continued! 

Kaci Riggs: Charlie 1 Horse Hat Designer

…and that’s just the beginning with this Texas cowgirl. Kaci Riggs has made some of the most popular and stylish hats in the barrel racing (and Western) world, and that’s a combination that’s not always easy to create. Her Charlie 1 Horse hats have popped up everywhere from the National Finals Rodeo to the IBRA Nationals, and every barrel race and roping in between. (And quite a few Best of the Best competitors looked fabulous in them this fall!) 

Kaci’s taken her knowledge of the fashion industry and combined it with her in-the-arena know how to produce some of the finest hats we’ve ever seen. Whether she’s jet-setting across the West or kicking the boys’ butts in the roping pen, Kaci is looking fabulous in one of her designs.   

Tell us about how Charlie 1 Horse started, and how you came aboard to create these hats.
Charlie 1 Horse started in 1978. It was HUGE during Urban Cowboy. Many, many celebrities have worn Charlie 1 Horse; the list is long. It’s so cool to look back at the old stuff. They are TRULY works of art. Richard Petty, Kid Rock and Eddie Montgomery still wear the old ones.

I was hired as an assistant to the Resistol designer, Bob Posey. In spare time, we worked on C1H styles. When I was hired, we just didn’t sell many of the fancy ones. I chose to make a few things I thought I could relate to and wear. I kept the competitive cowgirl in mind, but I also had to consider the business woman who needed to look fabulous at a Cattle Baron’s ball. We started seeing a lot of success within the barrel racing industry and fashion industry.

What is your background in the horse industry?

I grew up in 4-H, junior rodeos, high school, amateur and college rodeo…. I ran barrels when I was little. I rode English for a couple years. I started roping when I was 11; my dad needed a heeler ;-D

My senior year of high school, I qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo in the breakaway roping. I placed at Nationals that year in Gillette, Wyo. and received some scholarship money. That helped me continue my education and attend Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX with additional rodeo scholarships. I qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyo. my senior year of college. Since college, I have always continued to rope. No matter where I was in my career, I have always continued to rope. I feel very fortunate that my career allows me to cross over into many disciplines of the equine industry. I’m passionate about the western lifestyle.

How does that background affect your designs?

My background really helps me to know how important the FUNCTION of a hat is. When you compete, you can NEVER have to worry about losing your hat. It has to fit, be comfortable on your head, stay on during competition and you have to feel good wearing it. It has to fit your personal style and not make you feel awkward…. And it has to be affordable. I believe your horse, your rig, your entry fees have a higher priority than fashion. That is why Charlie 1 Horse is committed to making the most FABULOUS~LOOKING hat at the most affordable price.

When you’re making a hat, what kind of cowgirl are you thinking of as you design it?

I’m thinking of a cowgirl with the most original style. She wants a look that is her OWN. She DOES NOT blend~in. She’s a leader; not a follower – she blazes trails…. She respects the lifestyle, but she likes to put a modern TWIST on her own personal look. Her appearance is important to her and her hat is how she expresses her eccentric personality. I have to make a hat that appeals to a variety of women – I personally prefer the more core-western styles, but I also design some that are completely outlandish. You gotta give ‘em what they want….

So far, what has been your favorite moment of your career?

Gosh, that’s tough… I enjoy each moment. I guess seeing it come full-circle is best. It’s really fun to see C1H published in magazines. I love when girls WIN BIG who wear our hats – I LOVE seeing C1H in win-picts. I love seeing the flag girls at the NFR totally blinged-out wearing our stuff. I love getting tagged in photos on Facebook of little-bitty girls that look SO gritty and tough wearing Charlie 1 Horse – it makes me laugh! I guess the most rewarding part is to see how happy the hats make people.

Tell us about your all-time favorite hat, either one you’ve made or otherwise.

Hahahaaa… that’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite kid! LOL!!! I really love the tonal trimmed felts. I’m not a HUGE fan of flashy…. I love the tacky leopard prints, but they’ve been hard to make. Honestly, my favorites change each season we launch a new line.

What do you do when you aren’t busy making hats or working for Hatco?

I try to spend a lot of time with my family, but I’m sure my family would attest that I ROPE every chance I get! There are a handful of ropings that I like to go to each year. The Open to the World, the Windy Ryon, our Resistol Roping and the USTRC Finals…. I guess I travel a lot and spend a lot of time with friends. I’m all about a road trip…

What is one style tip that every hat-wearing cowgirl should know?

No matter what you think, if it’s creased right, you look GREAT in it. Women are SO UNCOMFORTABLE in hats. It drives me crazy…. They just aren’t used to wearing them, or they don’t wear the right one. I could pick a hat for any woman and I promise she would look great in it! A flattering crease makes all the difference. Don’t EVER just wear it straight out of the box. All brims need to be hand creased.

What is your favorite outfit to rock your Charlie 1 Horse with?

You didn’t really just ask me this…. Every day is a fashion show for me, you know. I’m all about dresses with cowboy boots…. Maybe funky tights? I love my cowgirl suit too!!! (CTC jeans & Barranada shirts) Whatever it is, it CAN’T overpower the hat!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HAT. Sorry, but I just can’t answer this one directly…..

What is next for you and Charlie 1 Horse?

I have a new commitment and dedication to Hatco in product development for Stetson, Resistol, Wrangler, and Dobbs brands. Charlie 1 Horse will always be the most creative and fun line to design and will continue to surprise us each season. You will see a handful of fedoras with western twists (inspired by a fellow cowgirl fashion diva). They are for the cowgirl who wants to cross over into fashion without forgetting her roots ;-D I’m so excited about the new felts we will launch in January at Denver Market. Some can be found at NFR in December with ML Leddy’s.

Charlie 1 Horse has set some pretty high standards…. We will keep moving forward!

Our friends at Rod’s Western Palace in Ohio carry Charlie 1 Horse Hats, as do many fine retailers across the U.S. For a great deal on a Charlie, download and print this coupon!