The Best Little Panty Raid in Ohio

150477_494279023965720_1720747873_n 892971_341003309353339_1295194584_o 150477_494279023965720_1720747873_n IMG_2653Hi Everyone : )

It’s been a while, I know I know. Things are nuts, and I know that’s what I always say, but, seeeeeeriously… not kidding.

I just wanted to stop by and remind y’all to catch the Best Little Panty Raid in Ohio that On the Road with Dawn and Clea are producing! It’s going to be TOPS. If you can’t be at the Champions Center to enter up yourself, catch it online here.

Dawn and Clea have put up TONS of cash and prizes, not to mention one BAD-A Cactus Saddle that my lovely friend Cherie designed for us!

This show is to raise money for our September show, and we can’t wait to tell you about all the awesome sponsors who are back on board with us for 2013, and the NEW sponsors who are signing up by the day.


Benefit for Chardon Healing Fund at Blue Lakes Farms April 28

WOW have there been a ton of races to go to lately or what?! I’m jealous I’m not in Ohio or Pennsylvania to soak up the fun like you all are. (Because Lord knows FUN is the only thing you’ve been soaking up lately… I hear your weather has been rough! Ok, maybe y’all were soaking up some blue juice or purple juice or whatever it is that Shug and Sarah and Guido keep around.)

Anyways, I want to let you know about a great barrel race for a really great cause. The folks at Blue Lakes Arena in Newbury, Ohio, are hosting a $350 NBHA-sanctioned show to benefit the Chardon Healing Fund. I received this note from Amy Snyder on her race:

On 2/27/12, tragedy hit NE Ohio at Chardon High School as you know NBHA is made up of districts, Geauga County is the heart of my district where Chardon is located.  This shooting has affected a lot of my members, especially my youth members, and they came together and wanted to take our first show and turn it into a fundraiser. 
We will be having Krystal Dyer singing Amazing Grace at 1 p.m. before our cake walk, we are having a lot of the general public along with barrel racers supporting this event. It is open to the public. During the day we will be having a silent auction in our lobby, we have some great items already donated by Bar N LLC, Need for Bling, Cowgirls are Forever, Big Dee’s, Tommy’s Jerky,  All American Car Wash, Winking Lizard, Cortland Western Reserve COOP, True Belue Kristine Nagy and many more I don’t even know about at this time. 
I want to make sure everyone knows about this, so you can all attend if you’re around for this great cause.

Here’s the showbill:

An added note: the idea of running for $250 added in an open class with only a $20 EF boggles my little mind. Almost every $200 jackpot sanctioned here in Colorado by our main association has a $47 entree fee with a $5 office fee. Y’all are barrel racing on the CHEAP and I’m WAY jealous!

The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race Showbill and Qualifying Info

It’s here it’s here! I’ve been a slacker lately and haven’t had much time for anything other than work work work, but I’ve got plenty to give you now! Here’s all of the info on The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race and our three-day weekend barrel race and pole bending this September.

This year we’re doing the qualifying a LITTLE differently, and we want you to be sure to get your 1D placing in to be eligible to enter The Best of the Best. Make sure you head to the MVP show to try to get qualified.

On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the Congress

Hello Columbus Ohio!

Well here we are 2 a.m. We are back in Columbus AGAIN for the 2nd time on this cold Tuesday night  (now Wednesday morning).

So we are thinking is we will be able to park about where we were last year, as this is a great place for the dogs and it is a little quieter etc… Well as we roll into the fairgrounds and stop at the stall office–where the pleasant people are–we find out that they have made changes this year and we can be in tents 1-7 but not the barns… Being the law breakers we are–break in the law break in the law…(oK that was a Bevis and Butthead throw back phrase)–we figure well we will at least look in the barns and see if we have someplace to park! That is a negatory! So we walk about 35 minutes deciding where we want to have the horses and then yes WHERE TO PARK THE BIG RIG!

It’s about 2:45 a.m. There are some people getting their steeds out to get them in the arena for a bit before the break of day. We start the hunt for the dreaded Congress stalls. You know findingfour stalls that have a minimal amount of poop and a huge amount of sawdust.. that you paid $150.00 for to stay 3 days!  Just a Reason to LOVE CONGRESS.

So we find a spot to park and we start to back into the spot, but we have to watch the tree on the left and the cement sidewalk blockers on the right.  Well let’s just say although the Dear Baby Jesus Prayer worked as we didn’t ruin anything but we did have to readjust that parking spot. At one point Clea says, “Can you move those cement things…?” I grab it like it is a piece of paper and get ready to move it and it does not budge.  I looked right at her and said, “AHHHH NO.”  We laugh and we both know we are so tired but we get the rig in without killing each other or anyone else, and it is now 4:30 a.m. and we are ready to drop. The dogs get out and we all get back in the trailer and hit the hay.

So Wednesday morning would bring a little drizzle and us getting up and about only to get numbers, checked in and then a nap of course for the day… Oh my we were exhausted.  We decide we are going to walk up to the store just outside the fair grounds to get ice then Becky Johnson to the rescue.  She said, “Take the golf cart.” So we roll on up to get the ice, and last I remember we were at Becky’s trailer and she was giving me a Sneaky Pete!  Let this gal tell you if you ever get a Sneaky Pete from Becky you may loose a little time the night you drink it. I lost about 3 hours but I will tell you I must have had fun, everyone the next day said I had a blast. Thank you Becky for the drink and the golf cart.

Kelly Bowser, I don’t think that I was really going to jump from the golf cart and on top of you like a spider monkey. Jesse Meeks I still do love your hair. Joel Henning well Joel at least you didn’t have to pay for the dance. Brad and Ryan what can I say! Cody Powell and Mikalya Conklin I am glad I could be your source of entertainment! LOL  I think I had fun.  Oh and to our Woot Woot neighbors thanks for being so fun.

Clea and I ran each day and although we both walked away with medallions we both were a little disappointed with ground over all. We all know that Congress is what it is and we all keep going back so we can only hope that next year if the same people are doing the ground they will learn from the 2011 year at Congress.

Matt and Becky Payne, Helen Chambers (Giddy Up), Becky Johnson and Hubby, Josh and Crystal, Shuggie, The Bouchers, Sara, Mari, The Meeks, The Shirey’s, The Whitesels, The Hennings, Doc Guery and his family and all the rest of the great people at Congress always makes the week in Columbus, Ohio worth going.

Chelsea had some great interviews with some of the contestants and we had great fun with a lot of friends at Congress.

We did want to say Thank You to the medic and all the people who helped get me out of the arena after Golden Boy bit the dust. Mari Beth Guido you are the best. Not only for trying to jump a 6 foot fence when you are 5 foot tall but for just being you. (Editor’s note: Hahahahaha.) Clea and I love you and thank you!

So Chels we have another blog following this that is the norm.  We are back on the road and cant wait to get to the next show.

As Always – Remember those pets  Let’s not over populate.

“On the Road with Dawn and Clea”

Clea and Dawn

On the Road with Dawn and Clea (Catch Up!)

Dawn and Clea did in fact do their homework and write this long ago… I’ve just been SO hectic lately I haven’t gotten it up. So, the wait is over! Here it is. 

Before and After the almighty All American Quarter Horse Congress

Oct 18th found us at the last show at 4T’s Arena in Ashville, Ohio, at the Theado’s.  As always it was a great turn out and fun was held by all. We sold the last of the T-shirts and would like to thank Jordan Burg for being the model for the cause.

The next weekend would take us to Ruggles. We took this photo as there was so many people at Ruggles we were not sure we were at the right place. With the BBR at Henderson going on and the fact that it was Ruggles we were surprised but happy for the Ruggles Arena and we hope that they can continue to have bigger shows. We only took the pole pony, Cracker, so Clea could get a run in before Congress. There was plenty of talent there for running poles. Exhibitions had its moments; Brannon, Kelly and Clea did have to set the gate lady straight when she wanted to cut off the exhibition poles.  Unfortunately this is a common thing that happens during pole exhibitions; show committee’s do not leave enough time for the pole exhibitions that are usually ran after barrels. We would hope to see in the future enough time allotted for pole expos so we can see this event brought back strong to Ohio and surrounding areas. Just like Dustin Whitesel is bringing sexy back we want to see poles brought back STRONG!  When you have talent like Clea Remington, The Riley’s, Trent Tobin, Tara & Stacey Henkel, Amy Snyder and Cody Powell just to mention a few, this talent should not be wasted! The Theado’s were there as well. Always nice to see them. Kelly, Matt and the gang from up north were there as well. It was a cold windy October day but nice with no rain.

The next trip we would take would be to Columbus, Ohio. When I say we have been nonstop (like everyone I am sure) I mean nonstop. Monday, Oct. 24 would find me at the office and Clea headed to the hardware store on an unexpected trip to get parts to finish up the waterline then an afternoon trip to Columbus to meet Bryan Ford to pick yet another young horse. Instead of heading to Oklahoma AGAIN we caught this one a ride with Bryan.  (Thank you!)

On our last trip to Okieland we saw this horse and another and did not have room for either at the time but later decided on the way home that YES we would take them. So we needed a ride for them.  We did have a ride for both of them earlier in the month (you know to get them home and settled before Congress, yah that really didn’t work out)  But in the long run we were able to get them to Ohio before we left (well the day we left for Congress). So it’s Monday and our week has gotten started… Clea gets her (we call the new horse Grey–I know very inventive huh!) home, I get home from work and as we are admiring her beautiful grey colorings we both say, almost in unison “Do you remember her head being so big?” then we laugh. She settles in and we finish out the night with the norm.

Tuesday would bring a beautiful morning and thank God for that as we are leaving to get to Congress Tuesday night about 10 p.m. and we have to get the waterline finished and finish packing the trailer, the horses cleaned up blah blah blah… oh yes and we have to meet Cody Bauserman in Columbus at 10:30 p.m. to pick up the other young horse that we needed to get home from Okie. Now we have a different timeline–what’s new we always do! So we get all the water line in and we rope off all that we can so the horses can not get in to any trouble while we are gone. So it is about 8 p.m. I run to town to get a few items at the store and Cody calls that they are about 1.5 hours out from Columbus, so I hustle home and get Clea and we head out to get the 2nd horse. This is a sister to the grey. We head to meet Cody–I am exhausted Clea is exhausted. We meet Cody and Stephanie by the fairgrounds he pulls the horse off the trailer, and we do a Dear Baby Jesus prayer that she is going to get back on our trailer to head back to West Salem. She hops right on.  Thank you Baby Jesus. THANK YOU CODY and STEPHANIE for getting that horse up to us. Oh and we call her Bay–yep you guessed it she is a bay.

So on the way home I say OMG I am so tired I need a 5 minute nap then I will be fine. It is 11:15 at this time and we should have been in bed about 2 hours ago. So I curl up in the seat–think I will never be able to sleep in this seat, so 65 minutes later I am awake… oooopppps so much for Nelly Navigator…I knew she knew where she was headed so that is why I took a little snooze. We roll into the driveway with Bay and get her off the trailer and it was like dejuvu’ “Man I don’t remember their heads being so big!” We laugh like crazy and decide we better get some things finished packed up and hit the road as we are headed back to Congress.

Well it is now 1:15 a.m. Betty has the Pete started and I start loading the dogs. Lynn, Clea’s Mom is trying to go to sleep as we are in and out of the house getting ready to leave.  We leave her with 8 horses, 2 dogs and a water leak! Yikes that woman must love us! We sure love her. Well horses are loaded, dogs are in, we are pulling out the drive and we both look at each other like WTH are we thinking… Well I will tell you… Is it easier to park a 66 foot rig when there is little to no traffic at Congress OR WAIT til there are people everywhere?  WE ROLL ON!

We are headed down 301 thru West Salem and of course Betty has the peddle to the metal (well like 40) through town and little did we know they had done a little resurfacing of the road we hit that road and you would have thought we were on the rail road tracks at Canal Winchester again. We bounce through town it wakes us up for sure and we hit I 71 with the cruise on and get going to Congress!

to be continued! 

Meet Ohio’s World Champ: Owner Kristine Nagy and Lightning Starnbars

Kirby's World Championship trophy

It’s not often we can all call one of our own a world champion. This year, the Penn-Ohio area can claim Kristine Nagy’s Kirby in that elite group of locals to earn that distinction. We caught up with Kristine right after Charlie Peoples jockeyed Kirby to the AQHA Senior Pole Bending World Championship, and we want to share that interview with all of you. 

Just a special editor’s note: I’ve counted Kristine as a good friend and person to look up to since I was 14 years old. She always showed up at Penn-Ohio shows in the area, and we always exchanged encouraging words in the alleyways at Sundance, Buckhorn and other local shows. This win couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady, and I’m thrilled for her! Special congrats Kristine. 

Tell us about Kirby–how old is he, where did he come from, who started him, how long you’ve had him and been running him, how is he bred, what has he won, and any other details we need to know!

Kirby is 10 years old. Charlie Peoples started him on poles as a 2 year old.  He is an apppendix gelding, out of a TB mare and Lightning Sugar Bull. Charlie bought Kirby as a 2 year old.  He trained him, and showed him as a 3 year old in the Junior Poles at the Congress and won it. He then sold him to Brad Wagner. Kirby had several owners after that, Brad got him back and that is who I bought him from two and a half years ago.
Kirby has won a lot since I have had him.  He won the National Pole Bending Assoc. slot race in 2010. He also won the Kentucky State Fair Senior Pole Bending and finals in 2010 and 2011.  He won the Ohio IBRA Masters 1D buckle in 2011 and has placed at the Congress several times. He also has run two 19.4’s in the poles, as well as several 19.6’s.  He was in the top 5 in the nation in senior poles last year and is there this year as well.  Kirby is also a really good barrel horse.
How long has Charlie Peoples been running Kirby and why does he run him?
When I got Kirby, we had some difficulties.  He can be a little strong and was wanting to go faster than I did!  I knew Charlie had owned him, and asked him for help. He has ran him off and on for the last three seasons. It took about 6 months for Kirby and I to become a team. We have done well together, but we have never become the team that Charlie and Kirby are. They just click! So, I run him on a weekly basis, but Charlie runs him at the big shows. He just does a better job than I do!

Kirby's championship buckle

Talk us through your season this year. Has Kirby been on fire all year, or did this run come out of nowhere?

Kirby is always on fire! It has taken me three years to get some of the fire out of him. He has been running good all year. The only thing that we did differently this year, than in the past two, was have Charlie take him home for two weeks before the Congress. In the past, Charlie just hopped on him at the shows and ran. In the last month, Charlie has made 8 pole runs on him, and only knocked once. So, they were on a roll! It is always amazing to watch them run.
What do the next few months hold for Kirby? Will he have the winter off, or will he be run more?
Kirby is now on vacation. I don’t plan on running him again. I have several interested buyers and am probably going to sell him. I will be very particular about where he goes, and it has been a really tough decision, but it is the right one. He is a once in a lifetime horse, and those are hard to let go of.
What bit does Kirby run in and why?
Kirby runs in a lifter bit, with a simple snaffle mouth and a loose curb chain. He runs harder in a Bobby Stivers hack, but he also catches a few more poles with it. So we went to the lifter bit this year for a little more safety. He is actually really well broke and light mouthed.
What supplements does Kirby get, and what feed and hay do you feed?
Kirby is fed ADM SeniorGlo. It is a low starch feed. I believe in feeding very little grain, and lots of hay. I feed second-cut, mixed hay. Each horse gets nearly a bale a day, but only about 1-2 lbs of grain. The only supplement that Kirby gets is MSM. He is also on Adequan. I do the full loading dose with each horse and then they get a dose sometimes every other week, depending on how much they are competing.
Has Kirby ever had any major injuries?
Kirby has not had any injuries or lameness issues since I have owned him, other than one cut that required stitches. He is really tough and really sound.
Does he need any regular chiropractics or vetting?
Kirby has never had the chiropractor and has had minimal hock maintance.  His left hock is fused, so we only have one to deal with!  He is really a tough horse and does not let you know if he is sore ~ you have to be really aware of him and how he goes to be sure he is not hurting.
What makes Kirby the champion he is?
Kirby is a champion at heart. He is easy because he travels well and nothing bothers him.   He is mischeiveous, difficult, funny, playful, annoying, and most of all, too smart!  He will challenge you on anything, but once you earn his heart, he will do anything for you.  He love treats and loves to play.  He enjoys people and loves attention. He has more personality than any horse I have ever owned.  He also bites!  He is just too smart for his own good.  Like Charlie says at the end of his AQHA interview, “He is just a good horse….he’s just one of those good horses.” That really says it all!

Cody Powell Takes Home Two Congress Championships

Cody Powell and Mo winning one of their two Congress championships this year.

Cody Powell and Moss Me Moe were perhaps the most dominating force in barrel racing and pole bending at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2011. The team took home the titles in the Senior Pole Bending with a smokin’ 20.087 and in the Youth Barrels 14-18 with a 15.108. We grabbed Cody for an interview as soon as he got home from his whirlwind week at the Congress, and he’s here to meet The Barrel Racing Blog’s readers today!  

Tell us about Mo. How is he bred, how old is he, and who started him?

Mo is a 9-year-old gelding. He’s got Easy Jet in him and had a lot of Thoroughbred in him which explains his height. He was started by Dave Eget in partnership with Tom Snyder of Blue Lakes Farm.

How long have you been running Mo?

I’ve been running Mo for 3 years going on 4.

About how long did it take before Mo started clocking like he did at the Congress?

It took me and Mo about 2.5 years to start clocking like we are now.

What would you say Mo’s running style is?

Mo’s running style is he likes to be driven hard to the pockets and runs hard. He’s pretty automatic but if you don’t ride hard, you won’t get a good run out of him. When I run Mo in barrels and poles, I try and give him as much free rein as possible. Hes pretty easy to stay balanced on.

What were your goals going into the Congress, and what do you think of how you ended up?

My goals going into Congress this year were to bring home the win since it was my last year as a youth at Congress. How I ended up was exactly how I wanted to! Two champion runs!

What has been your biggest win before the Congress this year?

The biggest win I had before this year at Congress was getting Reserve Champion in Novice Youth Poles 14-18 last year at Congress.

What bit do you run Mo in? Do you use the same bit for barrels and poles?

When it comes to running Mo, I don’t use a bit. I use a hackamore. He gets ran in it in both barrels and poles.

Do you have an pre-race routines or superstitions?

Before a race I usually practice the pattern a couple times but not that much because he gets too hot headed.

What feed/hay/supplements does Mo eat?

Mo’s feeding is he gets Natures Blend sweet feed with Dumor joint supplement. He also only gets first-cutting hay that we made this year.

Does Mo require any vetting?

When it comes to vetting, Mo only goes to the vet if he gets hurt.

Do you prefer running poles or barrels more? And which does Mo prefer?

When it comes to choosing a favorite between barrels and poles, I can’t. I enjoy them both. Mo on the other hand enjoys poles more I believe but who knows, I’m not a horse whisperer haha.

What does the future hold for your barrel racing and pole bending career?

My future in barrel racing and pole bending is to do well in the years to come. Wouldn’t mind being like the big-dog barrel racers and pole benders like Charlie Peoples, Troy Crumrine, and Jud Little, but I can live without being like them also.

What does the future hold for you and Mo, and will Mo ever be for sale?

The future for me and Mo is more racing and more bonding time as a great team. I doubt I will ever put him up for sale. If anything ever changed, the price tag would have to be able to change my mind into selling him. I like the horse too much to sell him cheap.

What do you do when you’re not barrel racing or pole bending?

When I’m not racing, I’m usually working around the barn or going on trail rides. I also enjoy hanging with friends.