Product Review: Wrangler Rock 47 Line from Head West Outfitters

Last month, my friends at Head West Outfitters sent me a pair of Wrangler Rock 47 Mesquite Cording Ultra Low Rise Jeans to try out in conjunction with their awesome Rock Your Patch Off contest.

So first, about my jeans. I’ve had Rock 47s since Wrangler launched the line a few years ago, and for my real job, I see the newest styles of these jeans every season. With this line, Wrangler is really trying to push the envelope and bring in a younger demographic. So far, it’s working.

The Mesquite Cording Jeans fit me perfectly. And by perfectly, I mean I ordered them a size smaller than I would any other jeans, because they run big and I knew that going in. Though they’ve got studding on the back pockets, the studs are smooth and don’t affect anything in the saddle. And even though they’re ultra low rise, they’re cut right so they don’t gap or sag in the back. They aren’t so low that I’m worried about them in the saddle.

And after I rode in them and washed them a few times, I added them into my dress jeans stack and had the starched and pressed. The thinner denim held the starch really, really well, and the jeans look sharp. Their dark wash is awesome for work functions.

So. With that said. Check out Head West Outfitters’ Rock 47 selection. The ones I tried are on sale for SUPER cheap right now. And shipping is FREE on orders over $25, so there is really no excuse not to get a pair or two or three to stock up. Because really, you don’t have enough jeans. I know you don’t.

And while you’re at it, stop over and check out Head West Outfitters’ Rock Your Patch Off contest. You can vote for whichever of the five finalists you think should appear in the next Head West Outfitters’ Wrangler ad. Check it out! 


On the Road with Dawn and Clea from WB Ranch: Margaritas and Tasers

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Good Morning Chels just a little reminder up top!!  It is a cool crisp morning and beautiful.  You would think it was a September morning instead of June. As I find time to write this I look out and the horses are in the field so I know it was a comfortable night for them as they are not in the barn avoiding the mosquitos.  As I get ready to go to the office I hear one of the dogs bark–at our house that early in the morning can only mean one thing.  There is a horse out or horses out… Clea ask “What is she barking at?” Yep you guessed it Shawn decided she needed to be out of her pasture and in the barn isle way for a morning snack!  And the day begins…

Last weekend took us to WB Ranch in Swanton, Ohio, for the $3000 added open and a whole lotta barrel racing.  It was a great weekend for all.  We had some awesome runs on our ponies, we had a lunch at Barron’s that we will not soon forget and got to see a lot of great friends some old and made some new ones.

Friday we would have the trailer packed and ready to roll out the drive at 8:30 a.m. Oh wait we had both trailers packed, we are trying to make up for our missed shows with all our ailments. It was well worth taking all the ponies. They all ran great and made us proud.  After getting to WB Ranch we unloaded the gang, got all the fans, buckets and whatever else needed hung – hung. We get parked and all situated and decided to get things started with our exhibitions. After that we breakout the ASS KICKIN barrel covers from – and get the barrels ready for the weekend!  We are getting ready for The Best of the Best at the September Showdown September 21-23, 2012! Go Team Marley!

Becky and Helen – you remember Helen from Circle G! Yep that’s her.

Wanted to go to lunch – it is 3 p.m. so it is now a late lunch.  We all decide to go to Barron’s for a little Mexican and Margarita’s, just a few though as we have to ride in a few hours.  So here we go.  Helen Clea and myself are waiting outside Becky’s trailer waiting for her.  Clea yells “Becky what the heck are you doing?”  Helen says “Beck Let’s go” then picks up her phone to call her just then Crystal walks by and says – “What are you 3 doing?” Clea says, “Waiting on your freakin mother!” Crystal replies “She’s waiting in the truck!”  We all laugh and go get in the truck and head to Barron’s.

While there Helen and I are asking about a Juke Box–Clea is praying there isn’t one and Becky is saying “Dawn, please don’t egg with her.” Just stop girls!  We are all laughing.  Our waiter is impressed, we can tell, for sure.  Helen has dropped the F Bomb about 5 times in the first 10 mins and has everyone chuckling at the restaurant.   Helen and I begin to sing a little song as we are waiting for our order.  Of course we have our margaritas to help us through the wait for the food.   We started talking about Helen’s funeral plans – she wants to have one BEFORE she actually dies.  So every time we see them we ask her the same thing “Helen what about those funeral plans” and Becky says “girls don’t start” so we are sitting at the table laughing and we have then entire place (about 35 people) yelling Hooray when we yell “Hip Hip” – it is entertaining to say the least.  In between all the Hip Hips Clea says to Helen “lets practice the dead part of the funeral” without hesitation – Helen falls to the floor as if she just was shot. The entire place gasps for air.  The 2 men at the bar – Helen was right at their feet- look down and had she stayed thee 30 more seconds they would have started CPR.  Helen jumps up and everyone is cracking up.  The 2 gentlemen behind us are calling their wives to let them know they will be late getting home so they can stay and see what else is happening…. Clea yells out “O-H” and our table says “I-O” the rest yell Blue and Gold.  Clea jumps up and says “I’ll kill ya”  … we finish our margaritas which were very small but man I am here to tell you they were mighty!  And we hit the road..

We head on back to the ranch with the radio up and Helen and I singing as loud as we can while Becky and Clea shake their heads.  Oh how I love a good ol’ country tune.   We are about half way back and Becky puts in her favorite song. It was a little slow and heartfelt – Clea says “What the hell is this” turn that other music back on… We listen to it- I sing of course and then we get back to the tunes.  We have to stop at Sunshine corners for some beer for Josh and Crystal.  We pull in and there are bikes everywhere. Becky and Helen get out and the truck is running… of course you know we are going to move it.  Clea jumps in and puts it in Drive hits the gas and BAMMMM over the curb!  We laugh and wait to see if they will find us.  About 3 mins Becky comes around the corner with a case of beer and laughing… She gets in and says Helen will never find us she has no sense of direction.  I say “she is going to get a ride on one of those hogs”  We wait for about 3 more mins then Becky decides to pull around to get Helen.  We pull up and you guessed Helen is on the back of a trike with a gnarly biker dude.  Pink tank top, 12 pack of Busch, throwing the Hawaiian Shaka sign  they head down the road!  At this point we are laughing so hard we are crying.  They head down the road at a high rate of speed.  Becky driving with Clea and I in the back seat going “ come on Beck – don’t lose them” the rest of Hell’s Angles watch us as we are pulling out of Sunshine corners trying to catch Helen and Easy Rider when all of a sudden BAMMMMMM Becky goes up over the curb and about knocks us out… Now we are rolling…  Oh my gosh we had a great time!

We get back to the Ranch right behind Peter Fonda and Helen she bails off and anyone who is around is laughing their butts off!  Good Times Good Times

So Clea heads for the trailer as the 4 yes 4 little itty bitty margaritas (they were so little who knew) had now kicked in.  I myself am thinking holy shit I gotta ride 4 horses in a couple hours.  Aaaaaaaaaaaa Make that 5 Clea decided that I would be better suited on the ponies with her current state of mind/body!  So I walk around and visit to shake off the Rita’s and start to get the ponies ready.  There are 101 in the class and I am 19th in on KC Jane… I am praying I can stay on- if I make the first barrel I should be good!  Well I made the first second and third barrel and KC Jane ran like Carl Lewis.  Thank you KC Jane for such a great ride.  She would stay at the top of the leader board til the last horse ran… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!   The other ponies would win the 3rd and 4th Division as well and Chili as 2 out of being in the 2D.  So we decided we would be headed back to Barron’s on Saturday for lunch and to visit our friend Rita!  Just kidding we didn’t but we thought about it.

Saturday would bring a few more riders to the show but not the numbers WB had hoped for.  We think there where a few things’ that contributed to that.  A late showbill, others point shows scheduled and Father’s day!  All in all it was a great show although not as big as we would have liked to see.

The pole class as in deed fun to watch.  Clea would run 2 of the pole horses (she was feeling better) and then one of the barrel horses.  I would run 4 and we would both get in on one horse in the $3000 added class.  The senior and youth were low attendance classes but always a joy to watch.

Saturday night most would pull out to head home for their Father’s Day celebration. We would find ourselves at Becky’s and Helen’s campers enjoying the company of many around – it wasn’t a campfire – but a tiki torch and telling stories and listening to lies.  Calvin Korek would bring his sense of humor to the party- he was however a little preoccupied looking for his bubble gum.  The Strayers were there.  We chit chatted about work a little and Emily would endure John on his quest most of the evening for his taffy he lost.  Boys and their candy!

Chase Marshall would keep Helen entertained while in her beer hat and a few went to another camp sight to play corn hole for a awhile- it must have been a smoking game as they were back in no time.  Kelly Bowser’s Mom and Dad would grace us with their presence- always so nice to see them. Danielle, Lisa and Cheyenne would be getting their game on to run for the Best of the Best.   Barbie Jimison would wear her hat in the Saturday race to make sure she kept all the barrels standing – and it worked she won the Open on Saturday. Congrats Barbie!

Clea would terrorize the entry booth gals with little, let’s call them stories, one was that the tractor was broken, Heather about had a heart attack.  The other was that the gate gal punched someone in the face for lipping off – she had everyone believing that one.  At this point The gals said “You will not get us on anything again”  ummmmmmmm Wrong.  She would get them one last time but calling and pretending to be the police and telling them that they had someone in custody and needed assistance…… She got them again. I am sure it won’t be the last time.

Joe and Heather were rock stars in running the show.  Very smooth and ran on time.  It was by far the best ran show at WB Ranch.  They had the gate area very safe;  Sheri Schnitkey did a great job!  The entry booth was 100% organized (although gullible) and the tractor driver-Well let’s just say Andy YOU ROCKED!  Thanks to all who worked so hard to put on the show.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the State show and hoping we can out do last year.  Dustin Whitesel  – Gentleman start your Tasers!

We will have our 2012 T shirts for sale at State!  We will be seeing Marley there and she will be making her debut as a Pee Wee Rider!   So excited for the weekend!

Everyone has been asking about getting forms for the Best of the Best.  You can get them by going to  that is the only thing on there.  Someday maybe it will have more but right now that is it!  J

As I was driving to work this morning thinking about what to put in the WB blog I couldn’t help but keep going back to The Wiley family and their terrible loss this weekend.  Clea and I would ask that you take a minute and send loving, healing thoughts and prayers to The Wiley’s at this time.  Life is so precious and we should all live it to the fullest as we never know when God needs us.

Until next time, remember be kind to one another.

Clea & Dawn

On the Road with Dawn and Clea

PS REMEMBER!! T Shirts are $15.00 and all money goes to Team Marley!  Help us support a great cause and a wonderful group of children!  Your anticipated help is greatly appreciated!

Looking for NEW Boots??  ENTER TO WIN to WIN A PAIR!

The winner will get boots and an On the Road with Dawn and Clea 2012 T Shirt!

On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Henderson Arena in Jackson, Ohio

Well Chels it started as a beautiful weekend at Henderson. We loaded up on Friday and hit the road with 4 of the horses, 3 dogs and we were off. We knew we were on track as we were running 2 hours late and couldn’t catch one of the horses we were taking for about 30 mins. Damn Yellow horse. : )

Betty Big Rigger has her foot to the floor to try to make up some time, and I am on the iPad searching the web. We get through Columbus and we always get a little confused headed to Henderson at 2 different areas on which way to go. Good Lord Betty hates that drive. All the stop and starting down 23. I don’t mind it as much as she does but it is a little tedious. Soooo to make it a little more interesting I decided I had to go to the bathroom and could not wait. (Genius idea for me to drink a huge thing of water while on the road.) So instead of stopping we decide there are enough lights along the way that I will jump out at one of the lights, run to the back and pee, then at the next light I will jump out of the trailer and back in truck.  OK soooo I get back there ok, and as I go to step out to get back to the truck–you guessed it–Green Light and there are no more lights. So of course Betty has to pull into the Marathon so I can get back in the truck.  For the record it would have worked with one more light.

There were a few people there for exhibition Friday night and stay overs for Saturday but most of the people came Saturday for the added money.

Joel Henning (you remember Joel from his fall down the stairs) brought the kids down for the exhibition only on the young horses as they were giving the open horses time off to get ready for the trip to Josey Junior World. Joel decided after exhibition he would come over to the trailer to visit a bit and have a couple brewskies and some of our special juice that is only at The Bloomer Bar. Well about an hour went by and he was still at Hotel Bloomer, and we ask, “Where’s Bobbie and the girls?” “Oh they are in the truck waiting for me.” We laugh and say, “They are going to kill you.” Just then Jessie and Kelly stop by to say hello, figuring we would be in bed. It was after 10:30 you know. They were not there for 10 minutes when knock knock – John Hanning rolls in to visit for a spell. That guy cracks us up. We just love him. About 20 more minutes go by and the door opens and Bobbie Henning says, “There you are!” She comes in and we visit and of course Bobbie gets the video out to show Jessie and Kelly. Oh we laugh laugh laugh. About 35 minutes later Regan comes in, “LETS GO GUYS!” Joel is now 4 sheets in the wind, Bobbie will be driving home and the kids will be sleeping like Joel before they get out of Henderson’s driveway.

Clea and I give Bobbie the “Wife of the Year Award.” Joel you are one lucky guy!

The Shireys were there with their trailer full of smoking horses and the most important one “Stevie the Pony” for Nina. We got Ninnner a little pair of pink cowgirl boots and delivered those to her. They looked so cute. Always nice to see the Shirey gang.

Saturday morning would bring a nice day but rain was in the near future. We got up early took care of the kids and relaxed watching a couple of movies while exhibition was going on. Ahhhhh those relaxing mornings at the shows, gotta love them.

Later we would venture up to sign up and visit with a few people. Doc Gruery was there with the grandkids and his lovely wife Bonnie. The devoted grandparents and barrel racers they are, Bonnie left early Saturday morning to go get Reagan from her ball game so she could run at the show. A 4 hour trip and well worth it the little gal did not disappoint she had some smoking runs.

John Hanning was lucky Doc was around for him this weekend. It would appear that John’s recent accident would leave him in need of pain medication – which John had- Had being the operative word here. It appears Johns medication (Vikes) dropped out of his pocket sometime Friday night and Doc found it.  John thinking that someone took it he immediately went to Kelly Meeks- for assistance in finding it of course, John so glad Doc was there for you.

Justin Theado was there and as soon as we made eye contact with him he said, “Well did you hear?” Not “Hello girls.” Not “Hi how are you?” We were like – “Hear what?” Well the Theados are leaving 4T Arena and moving to a new home in Mt. Sterling (I think). We are happy for them and sad for all the barrel racers that will have one less place to barrel race this summer. Thank you Theados for your time and all the effort you always put into the ranch for us to have a place to race. Just one more reason Clea and I think we need to have an arena at our place. – Build it and they will come – ummmmmmm. Justin could be seen throughout the barrel racing saying the same to all, “Well did you hear?” It was nice to see you too Justin. ; )

We ran into Barb the Tack Lady from Henderson we just wanted to give a shout out to her. She is one of the nicest people and always willing to help. Thanks Barb for your help over the weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Eddie Gibson was there with his grandson who placed at the show this weekend. Way to go buddy–make your granddad proud! As Clea and I sat in the bleachers watching Eddie enter the arena we both thought, “Did he get a new horse or is that Dan?” We saw no evidence of the plastic bat, the horse was walking in the arena, sure enough we thought he did. About 30 minutes later we see Eddie again in while the tractor is dragging and he is warming up his horse and with each circle the horse gets faster and faster and in our heads we hear Sawyer Brown’s song  The Race is On – just as we are watching and giggling Eddie runs that horse run to the fence and with an abrupt stop Eddie can now be seen on the wrong side of the saddle horn. He gets right back in the saddle heads to the chute and clearly he still has Dan as he clears the shoot on both side then heads up the shoot for 1 right turn, 2 lefts and a hurry home. Always entertaining that Eddie! We look forward to his church services this season.

The Review

The Arena was as always a great place for a show – this particular show was the 15th anniversary of the spring show at Henderson. The show committee did a great job. Double C Ranch and The Counts did a great job. The announcers and office staff were on top of their game. The show ran very smoothly.

The Ground was just right. There were no slips/falls and that is the main thing about ground in our opinion.  Ground will not always please everyone or suit everyone’s horse but as long as it is safe then we think it is good ground.

The Food – well this is Henderson’s people it is always great. It is not fast food – meaning you are not going to get it fast, but it is good food.

The Riders – Oh and were there riders! This weekend introduced us to Summer Schaffer. She is about 70 pounds soaking wet – she rides like a young Martha Josey and wins like a champ! Summer took first, second and third in the youth this weekend. And would show she could ride with the best of them in the Open. Summer Schaffer bought her horse High On A Stone from Tallmadge Green 1 year ago out of the great state of Mississippi. She is from Ironton, Ohio, and we are sure we will be seeing more of this name in the future.

Peyton Theado was a smoking little rider this weekend as well as her brother Justin. Peyton would be all smiles at one point in the weekend as she ended up 12th over all – all though she did not draw a check she was in the top 15 of the entire class. Look out Summer.

The open would prove to be the class to watch. With $800 bucks added to the class and over 180 horses entered it would be a true race to the finish. The leader board first lit up with Justin “Well did you hear?” Theado, then that would change with Brad Shirey and his horse Mission – they would hold the board for awhile but not long enough before Jhonda Cox would roll though the pattern with poise and style bigger than a supermodel. Jhonda would hold the lead until the 3rd to the last drag then enter Summer Schaffer- you remember Summer she was 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the youth. Well she would change the leader board one more time and she would change it enough so that you could hear an arena full of sighs as the hope for a 2- 3- or 4D check just went out the window. The girl went in there on fire and came out in a blaze of glory.

Clea and I are in the warm up pen as she still has our 4 year old to run so we talk a bit to Summer as she walks her horse off and collects her thoughts about sitting 1st on the leader board with only a few head to run. We tell her about The Best of the Best and let her know we hope to see here there. As the last drag is announced and the riders are getting in the shoot area Summer and her horse High On A Stone go to the rail to see if she will hold the lead with her 15.670. Clea and I are right there waiting as our Stud Muffin Brad Shirey is one of the riders in the last drag. As a matter of fact he is the last rider in the drag. – Did they save the Best for Last? Brad and Shrek would be the last team of the day. Right now this team is on fire no matter where they go. As he is on deck you can see Shrek getting his game face on. Brad would sit tall in his saddle with his long legs almost touching the ground as he holds Shrek back with enough pressure to tell him, “We are almost ready to go big guy,” then with a right turn up the chute they go as fast as they run in they run around the can Shrek gets by the barrel by ¾ horse length – Clea and I both let out a little sigh and say maybe not today then as if someone shot Shrek with a lightning bolt his speed went from 97 to 127 to the second barrel and then to the 3rd and as he turns the 3rd and bows out (that is how Shrek rolls), he is headed for home and with the crack of the whip Shrek digs in stretching his front feet further and faster than before. They would cross the timer line with a time good enough for a champion. They did indeed save the best for last. Congrats Brad and Shrek!

All in all it was a great weekend. We decided to stay as the show was not over til late and it was dark and rainy – although Betty and I can in deed drive that rig wherever and whenever if we HAD to, but it is nice to have a choice to stay the night and drive in the daylight. We must say thank you to The Shireys for having a gas tank of fuel with them as we originally thought we would have enough in the generator for the weekend and we would be going home Saturday night but that was not the case. We asked Brad, “Hey do you have a gas can we can borrow to go get gas?” He said, “I have one but it has gas in it.” He finishes up with “Who’s your man?!” Clea says, “You are the man Bradley!” Thank you thank you!

On the way home I ended up with a dose of vertigo and just sick from of all things my tooth. Yes that damn tooth reared its ugly head again! I was down for a couple of days with it and it was a rough ride home. Oh and remember how I got out at the light on the way down? Well on the way home I was on the phone talking and all of a sudden I got a rush of sickness over me and we are in downtown Columbus in rolling traffic and I say, “Pull over.” Clea says, “What?” I say, “Pull over I am getting sick!” Clea says, “Now?” I say, “Yes!!!” So she whips it off an exit I am sick as a dog and she comes back to check on me I say, “You might as well keep driving for awhile.” She did and at the next rest stop about 20 miles up the road I am still sick as a dog but get up front – she gets me home and after a vertigo pill 6 hours of dead sleep I finally was alive again. Of course then my tooth got dry socket! Holy Hell it was a rough week. Clea is a trooper though she took right care of me and we are back to the norm.

The norm being that we are getting ready for The Best of the Best. If you have never been to the WB Ranch for a race you won’t want to miss The Best of the Best! Saddles, Buckles, Jackets prizes and fun for all.  This is all for a great cause. Team Marley and UCP! And this year we will be helping The March of Dimes as well. Not sure if you will like the arena – the ground – the food??? We think you will. You can do a trial run in June. WB Ranch is putting on a 3 day show with over $3000 added. See attached show bill!

Poles and Barrels. Remember The Best of the Best will have $1000 added Poles and $3000 Open Barrels and $1500 to The Best of the Best!

Are you on the fence about going coming to the 2nd Annual Best of the Best Charity Barrel Race? What would be the deciding factor for you to make the trip to WB Ranch? We want to know… we want you there we want to raise twice as much as we did last year for Team Marley and the March of Dimes.

If we get 240 individual comments on the question above for this post (it can be a smiley face that is a comment – no middle fingers please) by the 21st of May we will have an On the Road with Dawn and Clea “OW OW High Roller Beotches Watch!” as a give- a- way at the WB Ranch Super Show June 15-17th.  You can sign up at the show and win the Bling Bling! Drawing will be Sunday Morning at the start of the show- details will be by the entry booth! Watch for signs! For those of you who don’t know what this watch is – here ya go!

It’s got the name from the one and only original Skinny B%^#h.  Natalie Davidson!

The watch

Why 240! That is our magic number that we want in the open at The Best of the Best!! It is a challenge from a fellow barrel racer!

240 is our magic number for the Open $3000 (at press time) added barrel race!!  We are hoping to add more money and prizes as the show draws closer! We will keep you posted.

We hope you have all had a great month of May so far and this post finds you healthy happy and wise.

Until the next time – be kind to one another!

Dawn & Clea

Cowboy Academy Barrel Racing Camp with Kristie Peterson

If you’re somewhere in the West or up for a trip out this way sometime soon, this might just be the best reason you’ve had yet to do it.

The Cowboy Academy is hosting a clinic with 4-time world champ Kristie Peterson and other top rodeo stars. This timed-event camp offers everything from first-class rodeo instruction to Christian leadership. It’s a great weekend of skill building in tie-down roping, breakaway roping, barrel racing, team roping and goat tying. Check out the website and this flyer for more info!

On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the MVP Need for Speed Show

MVP Need for Speed – Wilmington Ohio April 13-15, 2012

Well the week started out with a busy start as usual. Just like everyone we are no different with a million things to do before we pull out of the drive. Thursday night it is about 9 and we are both surprised to have everything in order. Usually it is about 11 and we are both saying “Screw it lets go to bed, we will get it in the morning.” But not this trip… Hopefully this is a good start to the season.

Anyone who knows us knows we are about an hour behind wherever we go but this morning we would pull out of the drive with 2 rigs, 7 horses, 3 dogs and a whole lotta “time to get away from the daily grind good times are headed our way” feelings.

Betty is in the big rig and I am in the baby rig. Someone ask us who drives what, Betty replies, “We both can and do but she’s on the phone too much on a Friday to drive it.” Oh so true I think I was on it the entire 3 hours. But I was on the way to a barrel race and not in the office so I will take that.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone that is headed to the show. We pull in, unload and get parked. We are parked across from Diane and Loren Altma and they are always such great people to see. We chatted with them off and on over the weekend and saw some nice runs from these two ladies. We look forward to seeing them over the summer.

Our boy Brad Shirey and his girls were there to run the cans, The Whitesels, Doc, Donny and the Gruery’s were there. Kelly, Danielle and a new addition Henrietta their baby lamb graced us with their presence. The Penlands, Guidos, Sarah and the Stoneman’s were all out supporting the MVP gang.

Friday night would prove to pull good numbers for the MVP show committee. Over 175 horses ran through the gates trying to collect one of 35 checks for the night. Over 200 horses on Saturday and close to 190 on Sunday.

Trevor Pruitt and Brad Shirey would sit at the top of the leader board over the entire weekend. Brad’s horses were lighting up the arena and dialed in to make it happen. Walts Rock And Roll was as always doing that. Not to be left behind before the weekend was up is Sarah Boucher, Barbie Jimison, and Jimmy Bryant. At no point was there a for sure winner and it was by far a race to the end all weekend.

Jimmy Bryant would win the show on Saturday despite his trick riding to the 3rd, a broken stirrup and oh yes did we tell you we told him to tighten his saddle before his run… we are thinking a % is due us!  Congrats Jimmy!

Natalie Davidson and her great horse “Jeter” had a “would have should have could have” moment with a smoking 15.5 but a down barrel would have her leave the arena with a no time. Her grey horse would however proved to be a money earner for the weekend. Great Job Nat!

The other Davidson kids were not far behind with great runs and good times. Macie and her sister Annie made sure they kicked some butt in all 3 races. The kids are such a great joy to watch for us. Megan Sparks is one of the ones to watch in the future; she is hoping her palomino can carry her to the Best of the Best this year. The Henning girls would have a little tough luck this weekend but Morgan would show her true talent on Sunday with a clean run on Fashion. Kyle Stoneman pulled Tucker out of the field rolled into Wilmington, Ohio, and take home some money! It took them til the 3rd run to pull it all together but when they did to the pay window she went. Great Job Kids! Loved seeing you all

Our stand out for the weekend of the kids is Peyton Theado. We have had the pleasure of knowing Peyton for a couple years now and we see the hard work she has put into the sport. We watch her during exhibitions and all the thoughts she puts into it and finding her points on the wall for when she runs.  Making sure she knows the arena area and the situations around her. We could not be happier for her from the runs she had this weekend and the future runs we will be seeing her have. Great Job Peyton! You should be proud of yourself and the 2 horses you have turned into contenders.

The Dilbone sisters were at the race along with their mom. Mrs. Dilbone has committed some of her special mustard for auctioning purposes at the Best of the Best…. People save your money up for that. Health was there and telling us about his new organic diet. We were impressed… then we walked by the office window and much to our surprise we see Health and one of the Vansickle boys (not Aaron the other one) eating powered sugared, peanut butter chocolate covered chex mix we swear if they would have had a scoop shovel they would have used it. Heath has white powdered sugar all over his mouth, down the front of his shirt and as he looks up he has an, “Oh my God you can see me!” look on his face. Clea and I are busting a gut as he has apparently forgotten he is in front of a CLEAR glass window. He had a momentary relapses but he is back on track with his diet. Damn Pinterest recipes anyhow.

We would find ourselves sitting by the Vansickles this weekend. Although we have had the pleasure to know them in the past in passing, this weekend would prove how we thought they were is how they are.  Piper and Peyton are 2 adorable girls. Connie–well you will be hard pressed to find a nicer person to talk to and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Val. However we will have to give the “Super” award to Bruce. We have never seen such a doting grandpa than him. All weekend he made sure those little gals were taken care of and not because he had to it was because he wanted too. Val is a very lucky girl to have a dad like that and now a grandpa for her babies. Thank you Vansickles for a great weekend. PS Val go get ’em with those smoking horses you have… The Best of the Best is waiting…

Brent Puhl was there with his picture magic. Although I saw a couple of my photo’s and they needed a little magic. It was and always is nice to see him at the shows. It really isn’t a show without him.

We LOVE seeing Mouse Gibson and chatting with him. I want to thank him for the nice comments after my runs on KC Jane. Clea works hard keeping the horses fit and tuned up while I am busy with SunRise and I appreciate her, even more when they work the way they do when I jump on and run the drums. KC Jane ran 13th out of 230 horses her first trip out since Congress. We are hoping this is a start to a great year with this little gal – she is wanting in the Best of the Best this year.Friday night after all the cans were ran and the ponies were put to bed Dustin & Brandie Whitesel would stop by Hotel Bloomer with a few friends (total of 12 people) for a little weekend cocktail. Dustin’s friend Travis would entertain us with the same story over and over about his friend Bobbie the wanna be firefighter. It was funny every time too. Cara Mead would roll her Samsonite luggage through the door, Clea and I look at each other as if to say “She does know this is not a real hotel, right?” but then she reveals it as a rolling mini bar. It would prove to be an Ohio State fan type of night with Brandie helping Dustin break out the flagpole to hang some Big Ohio State beads for everyone’s viewing. OH-IO All of a sudden Travis’s story was not the topic of conversation. Thanks for all the laughs. They would all come back on Saturday but we would not be as inviting­–as a matter of fact I think we said “Get Out” : )   Good Times!

Now for the review

The Ground

The ground was safe. It was deep but it was safe and that is the most important. It needed a little bit more water on Friday but by Saturday and Sunday they got the hills and dales flattened out and the right amount of water on it. It was safe which is the most important thing. It got faster over the weekend but seemed to be pretty consistent during each race.

The MVP crew would have little control over the tractor drivers, as when you rent the arena they take care of the ground–which I might add is an added expense.

The Alley

There was no real shoot which we are personally not fans of. There is a safety factor involved and the fact that everyone ran out into the warm up pen is dangerous. Jimmy Bryant came very close to running over 2 people leading a horse. The little gal from PA who’s bridle broke and her horse ran bridleless into the warm up arena then into the barn with the concrete floor or the 2 horses that came running in from the warm up pen almost running over someone–Oh wait that was me…. Our suggestion would always be–make sure your alleyway is safe.

The Food

Oh is that a good place for food. The waffle fries and cheese sauce (for those of you wondering how we have gained the 10 extra pounds) wonder no more. It was nice not to have to pack a lot of food and be able to have good food there if we wanted. It is totally the opposite of Circle G. No more questions huh!

All in All

All in all the show was a success, at least from our perspective. MVP had a few issues in the office that delayed a couple things but all in all everything went well. For those of you who were complaining (we were two of them) about the draws not being posted (pre-draws were put in with the entries at the show) or the fact they did not have at least the first 50 riders up early. Or were you one complaining about the high stall fees? We got a little perspective when we saw the bill for the arena and the weekend. At that point here was our thinking.

We stepped back and as two gals putting on a show this year we thought…

1. They are taking a chance that their cost will be covered so WE CAN BARREL RACE

2. They are spending their money to put this show on so WE CAN BARREL RACE

3. They are taking their precious time to put on the show so WE CAN BARREL RACE

4. They may be making something on the show but it is not a living we will tell you that and all so


 So when we are complaining next time think about the above and if you are going to go just enjoy it!  After all it’s all so WE CAN BARREL RACE

What’s in the future

We are headed to Circle G this weekend for the Spring Fling and getting things out for The Best of the Best!

We love going to the shows and wondering who is going to be the qualifiers for the Best of the Best in 2012 – looking forward to see you all this year.

Until next time – Remember – Be Kind to One Another-

Clea and Dawn

On the Road with Dawn & Clea

We recently switched to Strategy and Ultium. In just a few short weeks it has made a huge difference.  The top line of the horses and the energy levels have been over the top. Sparks the yellow horse is running like him old self, all the kids have an extra hop in their step. Thank you PURINA IBRA OHIO Sponsor!  We would put or reps name in here but we forget it. J We will get you in the next one . Nicest lady came out to the farm and spent a lot of time with us and seeing what our needs were – THANK YOU!

Question for the week: What do you feed your equine athlete? 

Win Justin Bent Rail Boots from Langston’s Western Wear

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I even wore them to Frozen Dead Guy Days with a rockin’ Charlie 1 Horse fedora and got tons of compliments on them…even in a not-so-cowboy kinda crowd. (Enjoy the video clip… though it has nothing to do with boots and everything to do with coffin races.)

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On the Road with Dawn and Clea from WB Ranch

I send my apologies AGAIN that I’m getting this up so late! This was originally from November…Where the heck did December go?! 

Well hello Chels – It is a pleasantly warmer than we thought  Saturday morning and we are headed to the WB Ranch in Swanton, Ohio for the Winter Series.

I am still not riding but Clea is ready to roll with the pole and barrel horses. We load up Chili, Channing and Cracker to run and then Whitey (she got her name because of all the whites in her eyes) our 3 year old for Clea to exhibition. We are thinking she is going to be a nice barrel horse.  She has all the run in the world and as Clea says she is a ROCK STAR at home. Time will tell. We load up 2 of the dogs, Stuck and Clet and leave Kisses at home as she is prime this weekend to have babies and WE SO DON’T WANT THAT NOW next time will be fine.**

We roll out the drive Betty is in the driver’s seat and my leg is good enough to be Nelly Navigator from the front seat. Thank God!

We roll into Swanton about 10:30 and there are a lot of trailers there and looks like it is going to be a nice sizes show.  We open the doors to the truck and both decide it is a  little chillier at Swanton then West Salem–grab the jackets.

We get parked and head on up to the arena to get our stalls and exhibitions. Thank Goodness we did because everyone and their brother had their young horses there for exhibitions.  We got the last couple from Joe Johnson.  Joe and Heather Johnson are the young couple putting on the show. We get everything unloaded and settled in and go up to the arena to chat with everyone while we wait for Clea’s exhibition to come up.

 Brent Puhl was there and as always he has some awesome photos and items that he makes for sale.  If you have not seen some of the frames, award holders, coffee and end tables, or custom made items that he personally makes with USA products with his own hands you should take a look next time you see him.  If you are looking for a great Christmas gift–He has them. Brent is headed to Oklahoma to show case his items at the BFA and to see his son Tyler. Enjoy Brent and Best of Luck to you!

It is getting close to Clea’s time to expo so we take Whitey and Chili out in the back field to get on Whitey and let her get some energy out.  As we are walking around ( I can finally get my foot in the stirrup without too big of an issue) and we see this large hole in the back field that looks like you could lose a truck tire in it. I said to Clea “That looks like a Sid hole”  A Sid hole is a hole dug by The Guido’s dog Sidney. You think we are exaggerating – think again.  Seriously it is still there from September, Dam Dogs!


During exhibition Terri Phillips had a little accident – she is fine – but will be on crutches for a week or so,  Her horse came over on her in the shoot and she hurt her foot.  Terri you are a tough one and we wish you well and a quick recovery for the next show.  Denim you take care of your mommy!

Scott and Renee were at the show to watch Troy run their mare Bella prior to heading to Oklahoma. Renee is out of the scooter and onto one crutch – she will be starting PT this week.  She looked great.  It was so nice to see them both and talk to them for more than a minute.  Renee is so excited to get a puppy out of the next batch –keep in mind we left Kisses at home to avoid a sooner than wanted batch of puppies)- she was to get Becky Johnson’s little Gracie Rae but since she got hurt she passed Gracie Rae onto Becky and will wait for the next little pupper dog.  At one point in the night Clea was on Channing and I was out with her in the warm up pen waiting to get her bands on and saddle tight when Scott came over and started talking.  He was saying how he misses Renee and them being able to be a team (he says, you know like you and Clea) when it comes to things they do around the house.  He was saying about getting Christmas decorations out and it wouldn’t be the same this year without his team mate Renee.  It was so–not just cute–but respectable when he was talking about Renee. Today Renee had a post on FB how much she loves and appreciates Scott.  It was very fitting.

We were talking to Jeff Myers and he was just there to watch as he had a bad knee. We of course ask what happened thinking that something major horse thing happened and he tells us this story of how the female dogs were locked in  the kitchen with a  gate and as he was going into the kitchen, with 2 pizza boxes and a can of pop on top, he stepped over the gate and caught his foot in the it and he bit it falling flat out on the kitchen floor.  Without missing a beat he says “I only lost one piece of pizza.”  We laughed like goof balls as out of the entire story the rest of the night we kept saying : But he only lost one piece   Get better soon Jeff and rest that knee!


This show series was something they had last year and it went well for them so The Johnsons are back this year for another go.  The first thing that you know is this is a show bill to allow people to show though the winter.  This show bill is clean and has a little something for everyone. There are awards at the end of the series that are a bonus for running all the shows.  This year Joe and Heather decided to run the points differently so that all could have a shot at winning no matter what division.  The way this is being done is very smart on their part and shows great initiative for a small but growing show committee.   We appreciate these 2 taking their time and putting their efforts into giving us a place to run in the winter.

Joe and Heather seem to be a young couple who help each other and enjoy the equine part of their live together.  This couple have a 4 and 5 year old that they are riding and doing that well. This is the first we have had the pleasure to meet them both personally, it was our pleasure.  We will look for them in the future as their Winter Series grow each year.

The show moved along really well for the number of exhibitions that put through.  Joe kept the expos going and then was the tractor man while Bruce ran the announcers booth.


Poles would be first to run.  There were some good horses there and as always with WB there is usually a good number in the poles.  A 20.892 would win the class with a 21.2 not far behind.  The boy who won the pole class never set back his entire run and he was riding to win the entire time.  His horse came in as fast as it left the arena.  Next trip Clea and Cracker will get through those poles and leave them all up!  🙂

Warm- Up would run next and then Youth and Open

As we get the horses ready for the Open we are in the barn talking to Katie McGrain–she is watering her horse about 10 stalls up from us.  If you have ever been to WB Ranch you know they have a long hose then entire length of the barn to get water to all the stalls.  We were at the end of the barn that DID NOT have the spigot.  So the 3 of us are walking towards the other end of the barn headed to the arena to see where they are with the class.  Katie has the hose kinked as she is dragging it with her to get to the shut off valve.  I am walking beside her and Clea is about 2 steps behind.  We are all chit chatting and I see out of the corner of my eye–Clea is eyeballing up the hose dragging behind Katie.  I know what is coming and before I can think about warning her or stopping Clea–Yep Clea steps on the traveling hose and Katie is thrown forward and stopped in her tracks.  Short of hitting the floor Clea takes her foot off the hose and Katie says, “Clea why are you so mean to me?!” Clea says, “Oh Katie (laughing evilly) because I love you.”  We all laugh!

The Girls would rock the Ranch this Saturday

Barbie Jimison and CC would show their mojo was back in the grove by winning the Open. Danielle Harropp and her horse were just a mega sec off of Barbie and Katie McGrain and Maggie were hot on both their her heels.  Amanda and Wilma were rolling through a set of cans in the warm up and open and left a set of tracks to following by the next racer.  Man is that Wilma fast!  Stacy Hartman would win the 2D with a beautiful run on her horse.   Sami Bear would lay down a nice run as well.

The woulda coulda run goes to:

Shane Yoder on his big bay horse, U Bug Me Frenchman – I said to Clea as we sat and watched him make his run. “That was a 16.011.” She said, “The hell it was.” I said, “Yes it was look,” she said “Holy crap.” It was beautiful of course with the exception of the downed barrel.  I went over to say WOW nice run–and this horse is huge, its withers were at my forehead. Kelly B was standing there as well and Shane said, “This is the horse Kelly rode all last year and did so well on.” I said, “Oh so that is why he is so talented.” Kelly quickly gave all the credit to Shane for getting the horse to where it is today,  Kelly Bowser you are a class act. 


Kelly and KaliAnne Jones came to the ranch to run around the cans.  It was great to see them and nice to see them make the 4 hour trip.


As I sat in the office waiting for Heather to return so I could get information on the awards and how they were set up, I sat in amazement with how one woman could complain so much about something that is a gift.  As she stood and complained to the office help – (now mind you this office help had nothing to do with this how the awards or show is ran, they are all volunteers to help Joe and Heather) it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut until I knew the entire story. ( I did at one point say, “You really need to calm the hell down, gosh dang ”) – at that point I left the office. J

Anyone who barrel races or pole bends needs to think about ‘the show committees.’ I am not talking about the huge IBRA or the huge NBHA shows that have shows that they make a living on–I am talking about the little gals and guys who put on shows for the love of the sport. They may cover their cost of their fuel to get to the show they are putting on and Maybe just Maybe pay for their arena rental–So to have someone stand and complain about how the show committee is doing things but not have a dime or a hand lifted in it… not cool IMO!


We want to encourage EVERYONE to thank your show committees for all their hard work, time and effort.  Remember these committees are the ones that keep us doing what we love very weekend.



Lisa has the food booth at WB Ranch tasting great.  From breakfast to dinner there is a huge variety of good food.  The gals in the kitchen were hopping this weekend.

On a personal food note – We want to thank Becky Johnson for the homemade veggie soup.  She offered us some at Congress and we never made it over to get it.  Of course when she said she  had veggie soup for us because we did not get any at Congress, Clea said “it isn’t the same soup is it?” Becky said “no you smart ass”  THE SOUP WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD!  Thank you!




WB Ranch – in our opinion – has the most consistent ground and has good ground.  Joe and Heather made sure it is safe and consistent for all riders this weekend.

All in all it was a great weekend and a great show.

We also have the dates for “The 2nd Annual Best of the Best Invitational Charity Barrel Race 2012” on the books for 2012.  This race will be in conjunction with the 1st Annual  On the Road with Dawn and Clea Productions 3 day show.  Watch The Barrel Racing Blog for additional details on the big money added for poles and barrels  September 21- 23, 2012 at WB Ranch!


Next we will be traveling to Henderson Arena or Circle G for the Thanksgiving Weekend show!


As always “get your pet spade or neutered”


Clea & Dawn

On the Road with Dawn and Clea


PS Oh and by the way when we got home Kisses was so glad to see Clet that we will be having puppies in January DAMN IT!   We really need to change our closing line –  As always “get your pet spade or neutered” to If your dog is in heat make sure the TV is off and we are paying attention to the dam dogs”