Mary Walker on Latte’s Style for in the Thomas & Mack

Heyyyyyy everyone. I’m busy out here in Vegas with that other little job I’ve got, but I caught up with Mary Walker after she won Round 1 at the 2012 National Finals Rodeo, and I kinda wanted to show you her interview.

Check it out!


Susan Rowe Fryer Memorial Cowgirl Barrel Race

If you are looking for a barrel race or just want to support a great cause in memory of a beautiful person please find your way to Negley this weekend at the

 The Fifth Annual Susan Rowe Fryer Memorial Cowgirls Barrel Race:

$25.00 Entry/ 70% payback. May run two horses.
(See facebook page for flyer with roping information)
Date: September 22, 2012
Location: Simmons Equestrian Center, Negley Ohio

This year will mark the fifth year for the Susan Rowe Fryer Memorial. The event, which includes Cowgirl barrel racing, Tie down Roping, Cowgirl Breakaway Roping and Team Roping, is held to commemorate Susan Rowe Fryer, who lost her two-year battle with breast cancer in October of 2007. Susan left behind a husband and 2 young boys.
Money made from this event will be donated to the Shirley Bowman Foundation and Mt. Carmel Foundation in Susan’s name. Since 2008, when it all began, over $23,000 has been donated, 100% towards patient care to Mt. Caramel and The Shirley Bowman Foundation.

A BIG Thank You to Rick and Carrie Simmons for their support, along with all the class sponsors, volunteers and past.   The event is rodeo format. Dress code long sleeve shirt, jeans and boots, hat optional. Wear PINK! There will be a silent auction, Shorty’s hat raffle and food and drink available for purchase.

There will be a raffle for a Shorty’s 100X hat. Tickets are $10.00 each and are available until the day of the drawing. To purchase your ticket now contact Sarah Rowe: (330) 831-2620.

Check out Susan Rowe Fryer Memorial page for event information on Facebook!

The Foundations
Mount Carmel’s mission is to be the financial steward for companies and individuals who want to participate in supporting excellent medical care and the mission of our outstanding health care organization.   Those who contribute know that the Foundation takes seriously its responsibility to see that funds are raised, invested and distributed in a responsible and effective manner. The end result because of your generosity is excellent and compassionate care of the body, mind and spirit, as well as the protection of the health status and health education of our entire community.
The Shirley Bowman Clinic at the OU Cancer Institute Commitment from Shorty Kroger (Shorty’s Caboy Hattery) in memory of her sister, Shirley Bowman, to raise $250,000 to endow a fund to support the Shirley Bowman Nutrition Clinic. Part of the proceeds raised will be donated to the Shirley Bowman Foundation in Susan Rowe Fryer’s name.

Jackie Harris and Team DO3: Part 3

Here’s the last part of our interview with Jackie, and check out:

Gabby’s Rodeo from Jackie Harris on Vimeo.

Is there anything like Team DO3 in the rodeo/barrel racing world?
I do not believe there is anything like TEAM DO3. Most organizations in the equestrian world are about points. Points in order to be named “champion” at the end of the season and receive awards. That is all fine, however, I do not want that to ever be TEAM DO3. I want the members to want to succeed in order to be able to donate more to the charities. I want them to want to improve so that they can donate more to the charities. There won’t be any champions crowned, as our tally grows as a team! I do not report who adds what amount to our tally, as I want it to be a team effort. It doesn’t matter who adds what amount, what matters is that we are all out here doing our best and adding to that pot to watch it grow!

Who has helped you the most on this mission?
My husband, Sean. He knows full well, of course, how much it has cost me all these years to be a barrel racer. From the horses, to tack, to trucks, trailers, barns, arenas, etc. etc. Then for me to say, I need to do something, I can’t feel helpless any longer when it comes to cancer or heart disease, and wanting to help animals-I’m going to donate all of my winnings-He totally supported that decision. He didn’t tell me I was off my rocker! (Not for this particular circumstance anyway! Not even when I cracked my skull open before the Venango horse show and still insisted on heading down the road because I had the tv interview to help get the word out!) He has always supported me and listens to all my ideas and gives me feedback. He tells me that he feels I am in inspiration to others, which helps me to push forward. That others see that I didn’t just throw my hands up when Sis got hurt, and give it all up-that I thought it through and found a solution. As he tells me that most after losing all that I have, would have quit. To come up with Dreaming of Three after losing my step father and father-to have this huge plan, then for it all to crumble (seemingly with Sis’s injury)-he lets me know how strong I am, which makes me even stronger. He is going to help me with the business side of things, the business plan, expenses, assisting me with the “Rodeo Kids” and making things go smooth, being camera man, road crew, etc. Believe it or not, all of it has actually inspired him to learn to barrel race! He was generous enough when Sis got hurt to sell his trail horse so that I could have the room for a back-up barrel horse. I made sure I found something that he could ride on trails, and found Smoke. Which, he is such a great horse, and so patient with Sean learning the ropes! It is great to watch Sean with that big grin on his face as he finally is learning how to lope circles! He says “I can’t stop smiling when I do that, as it’s so much fun”. So he is finally, after 20 years of marriage, understanding why I’m so addicted to the horses and barrel racing!

What has this whole deal meant for you so far?
Every day as things progress, I think about how I hope my step father, John, and my father are proud of everything I am doing. As I try to make it more successful I think about them. So it is an avenue for me to honor their name-to perhaps mourn a bit throughout it all. I really miss them both and not a day goes by that I don’t have a moment where I think about them both. I wish they could both see all of it! To know that I am doing this for them, for all those names on my saddle crosses, for all of those out there still fighting, for the rodeo kids and their families. It was a way for me not to feel helpless any longer when it comes to cancer or heart disease or animal rescue/cruelty and I hope the Team members feel the same way.

Team DO3 and Jackie Harris: Part 1

Last January, I got to catch up with Jackie Harris and Beth Penland in Denver during the historic National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. Jackie had just kicked off Dreaming of Three, and she was bringing her first “rodeo kid” to the show with her to enjoy the competition, the crowd and all the fun that goes along with your first rodeo. My friends at Cinch Jeans helped us out, and we were able to introduce the little girl to two bareback riders who competed that night, Matt Bright and Richie Champion. 

Little did I know then that this was just the start of what Jackie was setting out to do. She’s now added on members to her Dreaming of Three team, now called Team DO3. Any competitor or non-competitor can join, donating a percentage of their barrel racing winnings to charity each week. Non-competitors can match competitors’ donations. It’s a really cool deal, and it’s so clever, it’s a shame this concept hasn’t been around longer!

So stick around to learn more about Team DO3 and how to get involved today and tomorrow. 

What’s your goal for Team DO3 in 2012?
To build awareness of the Team first. Getting as much press as possible through magazine articles, news coverage, sponsoring benefit rides, trade shows and to try to hit every segment of the equestrian industry. The more equestrians and businesses are aware of TEAM DO3 the more members we’ll acquire, the more sponsors we’ll acquire, and in the end the more money that will be donated to the charities.

What is your goal beyond 2012?
Beyond 2012, I would like to have enough members in each State to have a Team captain for each State. Whereas, they would assist DO3 with news coverage in their state, benefit events, clinics, etc. I would also like to be able to open up the door of the “Rodeo Kids” program to Team members. Therefore, being able to reach more families across the U.S.! I would like to have a brand name of clothing, jewelry, equipment-where part of the proceeds also go to the charities. I know for myself, I have my kids signed up for Upromise to earn cash for college-when I see that UPromise logo on any product-I purchase that particular product over another. I would like that to be the case with DO3 someday! Dreams eh? I have tons for DO3!

So far, how have people in the area responded?
Everybody has responded very positive to the whole idea of taking something we all love to do and using it as a resource to “give back”. I receive a lot of similar comments like ” I just heard about everything you do and I’m so amazed that there are amazing people like you and others in your team” If you read through some of the profiles of Team members, you’ll see that TEAM DO3 has touched their hearts in many ways. Some have lost family members to cancer or heart disease, and riding for those loved ones adds something special to their competing. Some, have rescued animals that they are competing on and are participating in honor of that animal and donating back. All Team members obviously have HUGE hearts! They all stepped up to the plate to initially help me in my crisis when Sis got hurt my very first run of the season after I had done so much work preparing for the very first Dreaming of Three season of “giving back”. I was overwhelmed how many riders stepped up to take my place in donating some of their winnings. Sometimes, when I’d receive a new member, and their story, I’d tear up reading it, as it was so overwhelming the positive response I received.

If it hadn’t been for Sis getting hurt that day, TEAM DO3 would have never been in existence! I guess all things happen for a reason, as TEAM DO3 is more of what I thought about when I started this. I, of course, wished I could get more people to participate and fight along side of me for cancer, heart disease and animal rescues the whole time..but the “how” was my problem. I think somehow, God showed me the “how” with the little bit of a setback with Sis.

My personal sponsors, such as my wonderful boss, Franco Harris and Silversport/Super Donut, People’s Gas, Lubrisyn, Star of the West, KB Custom Kreations, Cowgirlz Flair, 5 Star pads, Penland Farms, my sister and husband, Settle Inn, CA Metal Designs all never hesitated when I asked if they could sponsor me! Some of them came to me just wanting to be a part of this whole journey! Without them, I couldn’t have even begun all of this. Then all of the “Rodeo Kid” sponsors (too many to name)- I couldn’t make the child have such a special night without all of the gifts from them! All of them responded quickly and positively when I asked them to donate an item for the child. The Rodeo Kids program is an avenue for sponsors, people, anybody to reach out personally to a family who is fighting these diseases. To put a face to it and to respond with an “I care”! I feel with the “Rodeo Kids”, all of us pitching in to shower them with gifts, for the rodeo producers and entertainment to pause for a minute to make them feel special with autographs or announcing their attendance, etc., it brings the rodeo community together for a great purpose!

WPRA to Sanction Calgary in 2013

The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association announced yesterday that it will sanction the 2013 Calgary Stampede, counting money earned at the high-paying event towards the WPRA world standings.

Last year, Sydni Blanchard took home $122,000 at Calgary alone. The WPRA agreed that $50,000 of Calgary’s $100,000 bonus cash paid to the winner will count towards the world standings. Here’s the info on the changes from the WPRA:

The WPRA is pleased to announce to our membership that the 2013 Calgary Stampede has been approved and that we are introducing a 2012 WPRA Qualifying Tour.

The Calgary Stampede and the WPRA Board have been in active dialogue regarding their request to have a 2013 WPRA sanctioned barrel race. The outcome is not only the Calgary Stampede approval but also the creation of the 2012 WPRA Qualifying Tour, which provides more opportunities for card members to qualify into Calgary.

“The Calgary Stampede is one of the greatest professional rodeos and we are excited to once again have an approved WPRA barrel race with them'” said WPRA President Jimmie Munroe. “The Board has been working for several weeks building a plan to ensure as many opportunities as possible into Calgary’s 20 positions. The WPRA Qualifying Tour is just the vehicle for doing that”

With a goal of providing more opportunities for professional barrel racers to qualify for entry into Calgary (and possibly other limited entry rodeos), the WPRA Board has created the 2012 WPRA Qualifying Tour as another way for card members to earn a seat into many great rodeos

“The Stampede is thrilled to be returning as a sanctioned Barrel Racing event for the WPRA in 2013,” says Keith Marrington, director, Rodeo, Calgary Stampede. “The Stampede and the WPRA have worked extremely hard in the pursuit of this new agreement which ensures all the best barrel racers will be in action at numerous WPRA events, including the Calgary Stampede.”

The WPRA Qualifying Tour

The WPRA Qualifying Tour is made up of 15 events across the US and Canada. The WPRA Tour standings will be one (1) of several ways to qualify into Calgary. Details:

Eligibility: You must be a 2012 WPRA card member at the time of entry to receive points. (Points are not applied to Permits.)

Timing: Events include rodeos between June 1 and September 30, 2012 and the WPRA World Finals in October 2012.

# Of Events: A total of 15 events have been identified as part of the WPRA Tour. One (1) rodeo has been identified in each circuit, two (2) Canadian rodeos have been named and one (1) race at the 2012 WPRA World Finals round out the WPRA Tour opportunities.

1. Texas- Pecos, TX- 6/27-30/2012
2. Canadian- Airdrie, AB- 6/27-7/1/2012
3. Badlands- Mandan, ND- 7/2-4/2012
4. Southeastern- Springdale, AK- 7/4-7/2012
5. Mountain States- Casper, WY- 7/10-14/2012
6. Columbia River- Longview, WA- 7/27-28/2012
7. First Frontier-Gerry, NY- 8/1-4/2012
8. Canadian- Strathmore, AB- 8/3-6/2012
9. Prairie- Lawton, OK- 8/8-11/2012
10. Turquoise- Lovington, NM- 8/8-11/2012
11. Wilderness- Caldwell, ID- 8/14-18/2012
12. Montana- Plains, MT- 8/31-9/1/2012
13. Great Lakes- Fort Madison, IA- 9/5-8/2012
14. California- Poway, CA 9/28-29/2012
15.WPRA World Finals- Lincoln, NE 10/17-21/2012

2012 WPRA Qualifying Tour Standings: The WPRA Tour standings will be point based and reflect up to your best 5 results (out of the 15 qualifying events) where you competed and won money up to and including the 10th position. There is no minimum or maximum # of events for you to attend.

Points: There is a 10- point scale, with points allocated from 10 points (1st place money) to 1 point (for 10th place money). No more than 10 positions will be awarded points. At a 2 head event, points are allocated to the average only.
Note: Points in the WPRA Tour standings will count from up to your 5 best events where you have competed and won money.

Tie Breaking Method: Ties will be broken by looking at a competitor’s money won at their 5 best events on the WPRA Tour standings.
The Calgary Stampede Qualifications

Qualifying positions, fill order and drop down rules are as follows:

– 1 position = 2012 Calgary Champion
– 6 positions = 2012 WPRA Pro rodeo standings (Drop down until filled)
– 4 positions = 2012 CPRA standings (Drop down until filled)
– 4 positions = 2012 WPRA Tour standings (Drop down until filled)
– 4 positions = 2013 WPRA Qualifying standings (Drop down until filled)
– 1 position = 2012 RNCFR Champion (Drop down to 4 positions, (Finals only) then go to 2012 WPRA Tour standings)

Calgary Stampede Bonus Money

It has been agreed that $50,000 of the $100,000 bonus will apply to WPRA Pro rodeo standings for 2013.

More details to come, watch for more updates on

Long-overdue Check-in with Tana Poppino

We haven’t heard from Tana Poppino in ages, and that’s ALL my fault. Someone remind me to call Tana, would you?! She’s one of the best barrel racers in the industry to work with. In the meantime, here’s her latest update!

The summer season is coming soon. Rodeos here in the Prairie Circuit are in full swing. Congrats to Jeanne Anderson who won Abbyville last week. Next week is chocked full of rodeos in our region. Ft. Smith, Hugo, Ada, Bennington, Strong City, Licking, Mo, and Conway, Ar. Lots of opportunities for contestants. Both my horses seem to be feeling good, we just need to fine tune a little.

We have entered Reno already, that starts the summer run. So it is coming soon. As a director of the Womens Pro Rodeo Association, I have been logging many hours on the behalf of the barrel racers. We are making decisions that will affect the future of our sport. Hard decisions. Sometimes, new paths are scary. We have a great bunch of ladies who are looking at many options, and hopefully, we will come up with the best solution based on the information we have at the time.

Win Justin Bent Rail Boots from Langston’s Western Wear

Justin Bent Rail Women's 13" Boots - White/Black

Who doesn’t want a free pair of Justin Bent Rail Boots from Langston’s Western Wear? If you don’t, I’m pretty sure we aren’t friends and you probably aren’t reading this post anyways. So, read on to find out how you can win them : )

A few months ago, Langston’s Western Wear sent me over this pair of Justin Bent Rail Boots to try out. After wearing them through Colorado’s winter and spring mud season, I’ve got to report that these boots held up to everything I threw at them, both in the saddle and in the office. I wear my boots from the office to the barn every day, and I need a pair of kicks that can polish up like new after every ride. These boots still look good as new, but they’ve broken in to be super comfortable riding boots, too.

I even wore them to Frozen Dead Guy Days with a rockin’ Charlie 1 Horse fedora and got tons of compliments on them…even in a not-so-cowboy kinda crowd. (Enjoy the video clip… though it has nothing to do with boots and everything to do with coffin races.)

So anyways, I loved the boots. And so did everyone who saw me in them, because they are just a sharp looking boot that really rides well, something Justin Boots has built a reputation on.

And to keep things rolling right along, you can win a pair of Women’s Justin Bent Rail Boots or Men’s Justin Bent Rail Boots straight from Langston’s Western Wear right here only on The Barrel Racing Blog!

Here’s how you win. In the comment section on this very post you need to tell us the dates for this year’s Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race and September Showdown in Swanton, Ohio. After you post the dates, tell us one reason you’re looking forward to making it to that show! (And if you can’t come, you better tell us a darn-good excuse.)

So, you can win a pair of Women’s Justin Bent Rail Boots or Men’s Justin Bent Rail Boots from Langston’s Western Wear simply by following these very simple instructions! We’ll randomly select one winner on Wednesday at 3 p.m. MST, so get to commenting if you want a pair of rockin’ boots!

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