Team DO3 and Jackie Harris: Part 1

Last January, I got to catch up with Jackie Harris and Beth Penland in Denver during the historic National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. Jackie had just kicked off Dreaming of Three, and she was bringing her first “rodeo kid” to the show with her to enjoy the competition, the crowd and all the fun that goes along with your first rodeo. My friends at Cinch Jeans helped us out, and we were able to introduce the little girl to two bareback riders who competed that night, Matt Bright and Richie Champion. 

Little did I know then that this was just the start of what Jackie was setting out to do. She’s now added on members to her Dreaming of Three team, now called Team DO3. Any competitor or non-competitor can join, donating a percentage of their barrel racing winnings to charity each week. Non-competitors can match competitors’ donations. It’s a really cool deal, and it’s so clever, it’s a shame this concept hasn’t been around longer!

So stick around to learn more about Team DO3 and how to get involved today and tomorrow. 

What’s your goal for Team DO3 in 2012?
To build awareness of the Team first. Getting as much press as possible through magazine articles, news coverage, sponsoring benefit rides, trade shows and to try to hit every segment of the equestrian industry. The more equestrians and businesses are aware of TEAM DO3 the more members we’ll acquire, the more sponsors we’ll acquire, and in the end the more money that will be donated to the charities.

What is your goal beyond 2012?
Beyond 2012, I would like to have enough members in each State to have a Team captain for each State. Whereas, they would assist DO3 with news coverage in their state, benefit events, clinics, etc. I would also like to be able to open up the door of the “Rodeo Kids” program to Team members. Therefore, being able to reach more families across the U.S.! I would like to have a brand name of clothing, jewelry, equipment-where part of the proceeds also go to the charities. I know for myself, I have my kids signed up for Upromise to earn cash for college-when I see that UPromise logo on any product-I purchase that particular product over another. I would like that to be the case with DO3 someday! Dreams eh? I have tons for DO3!

So far, how have people in the area responded?
Everybody has responded very positive to the whole idea of taking something we all love to do and using it as a resource to “give back”. I receive a lot of similar comments like ” I just heard about everything you do and I’m so amazed that there are amazing people like you and others in your team” If you read through some of the profiles of Team members, you’ll see that TEAM DO3 has touched their hearts in many ways. Some have lost family members to cancer or heart disease, and riding for those loved ones adds something special to their competing. Some, have rescued animals that they are competing on and are participating in honor of that animal and donating back. All Team members obviously have HUGE hearts! They all stepped up to the plate to initially help me in my crisis when Sis got hurt my very first run of the season after I had done so much work preparing for the very first Dreaming of Three season of “giving back”. I was overwhelmed how many riders stepped up to take my place in donating some of their winnings. Sometimes, when I’d receive a new member, and their story, I’d tear up reading it, as it was so overwhelming the positive response I received.

If it hadn’t been for Sis getting hurt that day, TEAM DO3 would have never been in existence! I guess all things happen for a reason, as TEAM DO3 is more of what I thought about when I started this. I, of course, wished I could get more people to participate and fight along side of me for cancer, heart disease and animal rescues the whole time..but the “how” was my problem. I think somehow, God showed me the “how” with the little bit of a setback with Sis.

My personal sponsors, such as my wonderful boss, Franco Harris and Silversport/Super Donut, People’s Gas, Lubrisyn, Star of the West, KB Custom Kreations, Cowgirlz Flair, 5 Star pads, Penland Farms, my sister and husband, Settle Inn, CA Metal Designs all never hesitated when I asked if they could sponsor me! Some of them came to me just wanting to be a part of this whole journey! Without them, I couldn’t have even begun all of this. Then all of the “Rodeo Kid” sponsors (too many to name)- I couldn’t make the child have such a special night without all of the gifts from them! All of them responded quickly and positively when I asked them to donate an item for the child. The Rodeo Kids program is an avenue for sponsors, people, anybody to reach out personally to a family who is fighting these diseases. To put a face to it and to respond with an “I care”! I feel with the “Rodeo Kids”, all of us pitching in to shower them with gifts, for the rodeo producers and entertainment to pause for a minute to make them feel special with autographs or announcing their attendance, etc., it brings the rodeo community together for a great purpose!


Jordan Holmes Wins Ariat Boots From Head West Outfitters

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Top Barrel Racing Videos of the Past Year

I needed some inspiration last night, so I snooped around YouTube for some of our barrel racing hero’s best runs of 2011. I found some of the neatest barrel racing videos that sent chills up my spine, and I just had to share.

World Show Junior Barrels 

This video makes the list because it’s got some of the hottest barrel racing talents all in one clip. Check out the best up-and-coming young horses ridden by Lance Graves, Pete Oen and Kelly Yates. At the six-minute mark you can see Kelly’s smoking run on Fiesta Del Rey, the run that won her and “Wizard” the World Title.

Lance Graves and Seis So Sweet Congress Sweepstakes

After an unprecedented run off, this pair would become the Congress Sweepstakes champs.

Pete Oen and All Fame No Bull in the Congress Sweepstakes Finals

Oen and All Fame No Bull ran the fastest time of the Sweeps Finals and all the barrel racing at the Congress this year. They stopped by TBRB after their smokin’ week to answer our questions, so check them out here.

Carlee Pierce and Rare Dillion Setting the Thomas & Mack Arena Record

Eek. I have to say, I was here to see this in person, and I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in the press room with Carlee after she made it. Talk about flying high. This girl is as sweet as can be and deserves all the good that comes to her. People who buy great horses always get some crap, but it takes true talent to be able to get with a horse of Dillon’s caliber, and great determination to be able to keep him healthy and running this consistently in all kinds of pens. She’s sitting second in the WPRA world standings after a smokin’ winter.

Lindsay Sears Round 7 NFR Win

When Lindsay went into Round 7, it wasn’t quite decided yet that she’d be the champion of the world. Even after this smokin’ 13.56-second run, it wasn’t official. Sherry Cervi and Brittany Pozzi still had a shot. But as Lindsay ran home on Martha that night, I turned to my friends in the press room and said, “Nobody is going to catch her.” Martha was so on, so honest, so great. Lindsay rode her so well, the two seemed like the most perfect match in barrel racing history. And after her run, as always, Lindsay gave all the glory to the great mare, Sugar Moon Express. I’ve put the run and the interviews after on here, because they both need to be seen.

And Last but NOT Least…Anne Johnson Winning the Best of the Best in Ohio

Of course I’m not going to forget Anne Johnson smokin’ through the pattern to the biggest win of her career, topping some of the country’s best horses at The Best of the Best in Ohio Slot Race!

Win Justin Bent Rail Boots from Langston’s Western Wear

Justin Bent Rail Women's 13" Boots - White/Black

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I even wore them to Frozen Dead Guy Days with a rockin’ Charlie 1 Horse fedora and got tons of compliments on them…even in a not-so-cowboy kinda crowd. (Enjoy the video clip… though it has nothing to do with boots and everything to do with coffin races.)

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Check-in With Charlie Cole and Moss Me Moe

Charlie Cole has trained well over 50 AQHA world champions, and has ridden such Western Pleasure and Western Riding greats such as Harley D Zip and Vital Signs Are Good. But he’s trained and owned some top barrel horses, too, like Rockette Ta Fame, who recently claimed an AQHA world title of her own with PJ Burger aboard. 

So when news got around that Cole was buying Moss Me Moe from Ohio’s Cody Powell after Cody and Moe’s 2011 breakout Congress, everyone was excited to see what Moe’s life would be like in Pilot Point, Texas, with one of the greatest trainers of our generation. We caught up with Cole last week to find out what the two have been up to, and we weren’t disappointed. 

What was it about Moe that interested you in the first place?

Actually I’d never heard of Moe until just after Congress. At Congress I saw Kelly Riley, I had bought Brannon Riley’s great pole mare Miss N Fantasy from him a few years ago. I saw Kelly and mentioned I was looking for a new horse. Almost every nice barrel and pole horse I’ve had I bought outta Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. So right after Congress Kelly called and told me about Moe. I then called Cody Powell who wasn’t really that interested in selling Moe.

How does his style fit your own?

Moe’s style is so fun and easy. He can be a challenge getting in the arena but he’s not dangerous he just wants to go!

Will Moe be rodeoing much in 2012?

Moe ran at his first ProRodeo at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo in February. He made a good run with PJ Burger riding and was 1 out of a check. He may go to a few more rodeos but I bought him for me to run and I already have Rockette Ta Fame on the rodeo circuit with PJ.

What are your goals for Moe this year and beyond?

My goal this is is to run Moe at the AQHA shows and some 4D’s and then the Congress and World Show.

How does Moe fit in at High Point with all of your awesome pleasure horses/hunters and mares and studs? Do you have many geldings, and is showing a gelding refreshing?

Moe fits right in at High Point, he’s a great horse. I prefer geldings for show horses and speed horses but I ride several really nice mares and stallions.

You’re a trainer by nature…have you had to do any tuning on Moe to get him used to your style, or do you just let him work?

Moe is a finished barrel and pole horse, so the only real training I’ve done is that when I got him he would only take his left lead when warming up, so I asked Cody how to pick up his right lead and he said, “I don’t worry about leads.” I got a laugh outta that and being a horse trainer leads are important, so the first few weeks of riding I worked on teaching Moe to pick up his correct leads. He’s good now.

What’s Moe’s life like when he’s not competing?

When Moes home I ride him to keep him fit and he goes on our horse treadmill 3-4 days a week. It keeps him fit and conditioned.

Tell us about the best run you and Moe have made so far.

I’d have to say my best run so far was winning the enior poles at Houston and being second in senior barrels at Houston outta 60 head. It was a very tough barrel race with several NFR girls and top horse, Moe ran hard and I almost tipped the second barrel but grabbed it, it was a wild but fun run.

Would you rather run barrels or poles on Moe?

I’ve always preferred barrels over poles but Moe does make running poles fun.

Do any of your students ever get tempted to try barrel racing?

I have one student who has started barrel racing but I don’t claim to be a barrel horse trainer , it’s what I do for fun and I own 5 riding age barrel horses and do it for my own enjoyment.