There are lots of ways to get a hold of me! I’m on Facebook as Chelsea Toy, look for me on the Ohio University network. Follow me on Twitter @brrlracingblog or ChelseaToy, or shoot me an email at

Get a hold of me if you want to say hi, to make a suggestion or ask a question about the site or to talk about advertising or promoting a client. I’m all ears!


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    • Hi Kac,

      My name is Courtney McGeechan I am the rodeo Queen of Australia I have been traveling around Canada and America for the last month-
      It was only today meeting Madelaine Mills 2012 Britches Rodeo Queen she told me to contact you I have been looking everywhere for one of your amazing hats to Queen in while traveling around the world I am currently in Cheyenne if you could email me on how I can get one that would be great.

      Thank you so much!

      Your Queen in Rodeo
      Courtney McGeechan

  1. Hi, love you web site. Courious if you add PA-East and PA 04 NBHA to your site. My daughter runs at Diamond 7, Shartelsville and alot of other arenas in this area. She was PA 04 NBHA Open 1D Champion and Youth 1D Champion in 2009. IBRA-East Youth 1D and Open 1D 3rd place. Our horse got hurt and was off for 6 months.
    We attended Mississippi and made it to the run on Saturday. I just found out about Herdon and WVA shows and will be attending them also. Thanks for reading my comment
    Sharon Stover
    My daughter is: Emily Stover, Carlisle runs with Bulley’s Jettin Rebel (Rebel)

      • Definitely up! Associations are seeing steady increases in membership and the industry is growing and growing in sponsorships, advertisers and more!

  2. Hey chelsea nice to meet you. I live in Texas and run a Dash Ta Fame Mare , Real Famous Abby. Super nice. Haven’t been anywhere seriously since San Angelo Stock Show last year . Made the Finals though. My oldest son is Colby Lovell. He has Qualified for the NFR this year in Heading so I am super excited. Will be in Vegas the whole time. By the way the little girl that made the run at Congress is she kin to Kevin Henning and that bunch In Utah? Well Stop by my blog and may see you some time in the near future.

  3. Chels , My typing is poor today i put 2 z in my e-mail for the contest . Just incase i am lucky enough to win my e-mail is correct in this message.

  4. Hi I would like to know if you would be able to post my website onto this – we do a lot of rodeo designs, custom designs, services, apparels, sponsor/business/etc signs/banners and decals, and most popular is award decals such as NBHA World Qualifier, NBHA Champion districts, some IBRA decals and other associations and all kinds of sports. We are still working on adding more pictures online – to this new website, we hope to upload over 200 decals and examples onto website next month (February and March) and we also have storefront so customers do not have to come to the shop at horse shows – they can just order it online and it will be shipped easily. Enjoy the new 2012 Show Seasons!

  5. Hi I’m Sarah and I am 17. My family raises and trains American Quarter horses. I have rodeod all of my life. I have a 7 year old sorrel gelding that I ride and has rodeod a lot and its about time he should be doing it right! He has major speed and is very athletic. I ride him just about everyday. In the arena I warm him up pretty good then I set uo three poles for barrels and i go around and around them like the tire workout. At home when i dont go full speed he goes around the barrels and poles like he is supposed to. When I take him some place it’s like he looses his mind when we go to turn around the last barrel or the first pole. He just blows them and runs right by the fence and outside the second barrel. It’s like he grabs the bit and takes off or stiffens his neck or something and wont listen to me when i pull the reins and try to make him turn that first pole or the last barrel. My dad and I are out of ideas I dont know what to do anymore. I need advice on this and possible some good bridle suggestions that might help when i barrel race or pole bend. Thanks

  6. im looking for a higher training competition camp of barrel racing and general pleasure riding, using our own horses, i have two girls that can go so far under my knowledge it is time to have someone with greater knowledge to help them take another step up. these can be individual lessons would like to be in the 1st or 2nd week of july it seems to be the only free time between volleyball and band and school. trying to find someone in the michigan or northern ohio area. we were going to the findlay universtiy camp but not sure weather they will have it this year.

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